English Speaking Exercises for B1 – Guided conversation

1. Label the icons with six of the holiday activities below.

fishing      hiking      horse riding      kayaking

mountain biking      scuba-diving      shopping

sightseeing      skiing      swimming


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1) horse riding   2) skiing   3) kayaking   4) scuba-diving

5) mountain biking   6) fishing

Speaking Strategy

In a guided conversation, it is important to interact appropriately with the other person. Do not just give your own opinions and ignore what the other person is saying.

2. Read the Speaking Strategy. Then choose the correct reply question below for each statement. There are two extra questions.

Are you      Do I      Don’t I      Had I

Have you      Haven’t you      Would I

1) I haven’t got enough money for this holiday.


2) You need to book the train tickets soon.


3) You’d better check in that large bag.


4) You don’t seem happy about the arrangements.


5) I’m booking a hotel for the first two nights.


You and some classmates are planning a day trip to celebrate the end of your exams. Discuss your plans with one of your classmates. Make a decision on these four points:

–  choice of destination and your reasons

–  the best way to get there

–  what activities you want to do

–  what you need to take with you

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1) Haven’t you   2) Do I   3) Had I   4) Don’t I   5) Are you

3. Listen to a student and examiner doing the task after exercise 2. Which point do they forget to cover? Complete the table.

1) Destination

2) Form of transport

3) Activities

4) Take with them

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1) the lakes   2) train   3) swimming.

They forget to cover point 4.


See exercise 5.

4. Complete the sentences with questions tags.

1) It shouldn’t be too far, ______________?

2) The train is quite fast, ______________?

3) It isn’t too expensive, ______________?

4) There are lots of other things we could do, ______________?

5) Everybody likes swimming, ______________?

6) Let’s tell the others, ______________?

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1) should it   2) isn’t it   3) is it   4) aren’t there

5) don’t they   6) shall we

5. Listen again. Check your answers to exercise 4.

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Students check answers


Examiner So where are we going for our day trip? It shouldn’t be too far, should it?

Student No, I suppose not. We don’t want to spend too much time travelling.

e So what do you think? Where’s the best place?

s We could go to the lakes.

e Why do you want to go there?

s I think it’s really beautiful there. The scenery is amazing – and it’s really clean. There’s no pollution – unlike this city!

e Yes, you’re right. How should we get there?

s The train is quite fast, isn’t it? I think it takes about an hour and a half.

e Yes, that’s a good idea. Although I’ve got a car – I could drive.

s I don’t think that’s a good idea. It takes much longer by car. The train is definitely the best way to get there.

e OK, that’s fine. Let’s go by train. It isn’t too expensive, is it?

s No, I don’t think so.

e So what are we going to do while we’re there?

s I really like fishing.

e Really? I’m not keen on fishing. And I don’t think many of our other classmates like it.

s Oh, OK. Well, that doesn’t matter. There are lots of other things we could do, aren’t there? We could go kayaking.

e Yes, I suppose so. Although that can be quite expensive.

s Or we could just go swimming. Everybody likes swimming, don’t they?

e Yes, they do. And the water shouldn’t be too cold at this time of year.

s Well, I think we’ve got a good plan. Let’s tell the others, shall we?

T Good idea!

6. Complete the sentences with questions tags.

1) You haven’t booked a hotel, ______________?

2) We shouldn’t go away right at the end of the holiday, ______________?

3) You’d rather stay at a campsite, ______________?

4) I’m the only one of use who can drive, ______________?

5) You never go on holiday with friends, ______________?

6) Don’t forget to pack the suncream, ______________?

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1) have you   2) should we   3) wouldn’t you

4) aren’t I   5) do you   6) will you

7. Read the task and make notes for your answers.

You and your cousin are planning a weekend away during the summer holiday. Discuss your plans with your cousin. Make a decision on these four points:

–  choice of destination and your reasons

–  accommodation

–  when you want to go

–  paying for the holiday.

1) Where do you want to go? Why?



2) Where are you going to stay? Why? (villa / hotel / campsite / youth hostel, etc.)



3) When is the best time to go? (beginning / middle / end of summer)


4) What activities do you want to do on holiday?



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your own answers

8. Now do the speaking task. Use your notes from exercise 7.

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your own answers

Extra exercises


Remember to use a range of phrases for describing similarities and differences between photos.

1. Read the Strategy. Then complete the sentences with the words below.

both      rather      unlike      whereas

1) _________ photos show forms of transport.

2) The first photo shows a yacht, ____________ the second photo shows a cruise ship.

3) In the first photo, the people are working hard on the boat ____________ than relaxing.

4) _________ in the first photo, the sea in the second photo is very calm and blue.

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1) Both   2) whereas   3) rather   4) Unlike

2. Photos A and B show holiday destinations. Compare and contrast them. Include the following points.

–  what makes each destination appealing

–  popular holiday destinations in your country

–  holiday activities that are popular with young people


3. Now talk for one or two minutes on the topic below. First, prepare what you are going to say (you have one minute). Make some notes to help you if you wish.

Describe a holiday you enjoyed. Include:

–  where you went

–  who you went with

–  why you enjoyed it

–  how you travelled

–  what you did there

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