Practice Listening English Exercises for B1 – Opinions

Getting Ready

Match the topics on the left with the opinions on the right.

1) smoking

a They are a great way for people to develop pride in their countries.

2) television

b They are wonderful companions. I think everyone should have one.

3) household pets

c It’s not good for you health or the health of people around you.

4) the Olympic Games

d It can be entertaining and informative, but it can also waste a lot of time.

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1) c   2) d   3) b   4) a

Listening 1

People are expressing opinions. What topic are they talking about? Listen and circle the correct answer.

1)  a the Olympic Games

b air travel

2)  a video games

b cell phones

3)  a TV commercials

b rock music

4)  a space exploration

b medical research

5)  a winter sports

b bungee jumping

6)  a tourism

b pets

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1) a   2) b   3) a   4) a   5) b   6 b



I think it’s a great way for people to develop pride in their country. It can make people feel good about themselves and their team, and I think that’s a very positive thing.


Well, the problem with allowing them in the classroom is they can be distracting for students. If students are texting or going online, they’re not paying attention to their classwork. And sometimes they ring during class!


I don’t mind them, because a lot of them are really very entertaining. Also, you get to know what new products are available.


I can’t see anything useful in it. It’s just a huge waste of time, energy, and money. I mean, can you see any point in trying to find out if there’s life out there?


Well, if anyone is crazy enough to try it, let them. Who in their right mind would want to jump off a high bridge with just a rope tied around their legs?


Well, they are great company, especially for people who live alone. Having one can help you relax, and possibly even lower your blood pressure.

Listening 2

Task 1

People are giving opinions about these topics. Are they for or against them? Listen and check (✓) the correct answer.



1) space exploration

2) TV commercials

3) Olympic Games

4) tourism

5) action movies

6) big cars

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1) For   2) Against   3) For

4) For   5) Against   6) Against

Task 2

Listen again. What reason does each person give? Circle the correct answer.

1)  a It’s too expensive.

b It’s how we learn about the universe.

     c  It isn’t important.

2)  a They’re too short.

b They interrupt her favorite programs.

     c  They’re boring.

3)  a They encourage an interest in sports.

b They cost too much.

     c  Her country always wins.

4)  a It creates pollution.

b It’s fun to meet visitors.

     c  It brings jobs and money to the city.

5)  a They’re too violent.

b They’re too boring.

     c  They’re too loud.

6)  a They take too much gas.

b There isn’t enough parking.

     c  They cost too much.

Show answers & Transcript

1) b   2) b   3) a   4) c   5) a    6) b



A: Well, space exploration is pretty expensive, but I think it’s worth it.

B: Why is that?

A: Well, that’s how we learn more about the universe we live in. That’s pretty important, isn’t it?


A: I can’t stand commercials on TV these days. They really annoy me.

B: Oh yeah? Why’s that?

A: Because they always interrupt favorite TV programs, and some of those commercials are really long!


A:  I think the Olympic Games are great. I can’t wait for the next ones.

B:  Really? Why?

A:  Well, they encourage an interest in sports and help bring about better international understanding. We need more of that.


A:  Every city needs tourism, I think.

B:  Why do you think that?

A:  Well, because tourism can bring jobs and money to the city. It’s a much better way of raising money than taxes.


A: Well, action movies might be fun, but I don’t think they are really good for young people.

B: Really? Why do you say that?

A: Because they are way too violent. I never let kids watch them.


A: If you ask me, people in this city shouldn’t be allowed to have those big cars.

B: How come?

A: Because most streets are too small for big cars, and they don’t have space for parking.

Listening 3

Task 1

People are giving their opinions. Do they agree or disagree? Listen and check (✓) the correct answer.









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1) Agree   2) Don’t agree   3) Agree

4) Agree   5) Don’t agree   6) Don’t agree

Task 2

Listen again. Are these statements true or false? Check (✓) the correct answer.



1) He thinks second language skills can help people get good jobs.

2) She thinks lawyers work hard.

3) He thinks most TV shows are for older people.

4) He had to wait an hour for the bus.

5) She likes to try things on before she buys them.

6) The rain is good for her garden.

Show answers & Transcript

1) True   2) True   3 False

4) True   5) True   6 True



A:  I think more attention should be given to studying foreign languages at school. Don’t you think so?

B:  Sure. Absolutely. I think students should be required to learn a second language. It’ll help them get better jobs. I studied Spanish in school, and Spanish language skills helped me get a great job.


A: I think lawyers have the best jobs in the world. What do you think?

B: I’m not sure I agree. It’s true that lawyers make a lot of money, but they also have to work really hard.


A:  The shows on TV these days are the worst. Even with 100 channels to choose from, there’s nothing to watch.

B: I think it’s because most TV shows are written for teenagers. There’s nothing for people older than 19 to enjoy.


A:  Have you taken the bus lately? It’s awful!

B:  I know. The last time I took the bus, I had to wait for an hour for it to come. And it was so packed that I couldn’t get a seat!


A: Where did you get that skirt? It’s so cute

B: Thanks! I bought it online.

A: Really? I buy books and music online, but I’ve never bought clothes online. I like to try things on before I buy them.


A: I’m telling you, this rainy weather is driving me crazy. I hate it!

B: I’m actually glad it’s finally been raining recently. It’s really good for garden. You should see all the beautiful flowers in bloom.

Conversation Corner: A place in your town

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A: What ______ ______ ______ about the new mall?

B: I don’t know. I haven’t shopped there yet. Have you?

A: Yeah, I have. I went last weekend. I liked it a lot. It has a ton of stores, lots of great restaurants, and a ________

B:  Oh, I’ll have to check it out soon. It sounds so much better than the old mall.

A: It is. The old mall is ______, ______, and too ______ .

B:  I agree.

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to use the correct intonation.

Show answers & Transcript

A: What do you think about the new mall?

B: I don’t know. I haven’t shopped there yet. Have you?

A: Yeah, I have. I went last weekend. I liked it a lot. It has a ton of stores, lots of great restaurants, and a big movie theater .

B:  Oh, I’ll have to check it out soon. It sounds so much better than the old mall.

A: It is. The old mall is boringdirty , and too small .

B:  I agree.

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