English Listening Exercises for B1 – Fame and fortune

1. a   Listen to an interview with adventurer Carl Hunter. Tick (✓) the things that Carl has done. Put a cross (✗) for the things that he hasn’t done.


1) drive a racing car   ✗


2) ride an elephant   ✓


3) eat insects


4) see a ghost


5) rail around the world


6) break a leg


7) cycle across the USA


8) fly a helicopter


9) run a marathon

b   Write about what Carl has or hasn’t done.

1) He hasn’t driven a racing car.

2) He’s ridden an elephant.

3) ___________

4) ___________

5) ___________

6) ___________

7) ___________

8) ___________

9) ___________

Show answers


3) ✓   4) ✗  5) ✗  6) ✗   7 ✓  8) ✗  9)


3) He’s eaten insects.

4) He hasn’t seen a ghost.

5) He hasn’t sailed around the world.

6) He hasn’t broken a leg.

7) He’s cycled across the USA.

8) He hasn’t flown a helicopter.

9) He’s run a marathon.


Interviewer Well, Carl, we’ve had lots of questions for you from our viewers. Here’s the first: Have you ever driven a racing car?

Carl No, I haven’t. I’ve driven lots of things – cars, lorries and so on, but not a racing car.

Interviewer OK. Have you ever ridden an elephant?

Carl Yes, I have – when I was in India.

Interviewer Here’s one about food. Have you ever eaten insects? Ugh!

Carl Yes, I’ve eaten lots of strange things. I ate some insects in Vietnam.

Interviewer Have you ever seen a ghost?

Carl No, I haven’t. I’ve seen a lot of strange things, but never a ghost.

Interviewer Have you ever sailed around the world?

Carl No, I haven’t. I want to do that next year, but I haven’t done it yet.

Interviewer You do lots of exciting things, so have you ever broken your leg?

Carl leg? No. I’ve broken arm twice, but not leg.

Interviewer Have you ever cycled across Europe?

Carl No, I haven’t. I’ve cycled across the USA. I did that three years ago.

Interviewer Have you ever flown a helicopter?

Carl No, I haven’t. I flew a plane in 2010, but I’ve never flown a helicopter. It’s very difficult.

Interviewer And finally, have you ever run a marathon?

Carl Yes, I’ve done that lots of times – London, New York, Sydney.

Interviewer Thank you Carl.

2. Listen and tick (✓) the correct pictures.


Show answers

1) b  2) a  3) a  4) b  5)6) b


1)  a Have you taken the rubbish out?

b Yes. I did it before we had dinner.

2)  a I’m going out now. Bye.

b Have you tidied your room?

a Oh, can I do it when I get back?

a No. Now.

3) We’ve been here for 15 minutes, but the bus hasn’t arrived yet.

4) Mum, the dog’s eaten sandwich.

5)  a Have you closed the door?

b Yes, but I haven’t closed the window.

6)  a Have you done your homework?

b Yes, I’ve finished it and I’ve packed bag, too.

3. Listen and choose the correct answers.

1) The name of the show is Family ___

a Fortune      b Fun      c Favourites

2) What is the host’s surname?

a Melling      b Melinda      c Melton

3) Where are the Carpenter family from?

a Liverpool      b Glasgow      c London

4) Where are the Buxton family from?

a Manchester      b Newcastle      c Birmingham

5) How many rounds are there before the final round?

a 3      b 4      c 5

6) Which subjects will there be questions on?

a food              b film stars

 c sport               d  animals

 e pop music      f  countries

7) How many points are there for

a a correct answer from a member of the family? ________

a a correct answer from the other family? ____

8) What is the star prize?

a a house      b a holiday      c a car

Show answers

1) b   2) a   3) c   4) a   5) a   6) b, d and f

7) a 3   b 1    8) b


Presenter Good evening and welcome to everyone’s favourite game show: Family Fun. I’m your host, Melinda Melling. Let’s meet our contestants for this week’s show.

Family 1 Hello, we’re the Carpenter family.

Presenter And where are you from?

Family 1 We’re from London.

Presenter Good to see you. And our second contestants.

Family 2 We’re the Buxton family and we’re from Manchester.

Presenter Well, good luck to you both. Now first of all, the rules of the game. In the first three rounds I’m going to ask you questions on these three subjects: film stars, animals and countries. Film stars, animals and countries. I’ll ask each member of the family a question. You’ll get three points for a correct answer. If you can’t answer it correctly, the other family can answer – and for that they’ll get one point. The family with the most points after three rounds will go into our final round. There you’ll have the chance to win our star prize – a fabulous holiday for the whole family to the Canary Islands.

So are you ready?

4. Listen and complete the dialogue.

1) __You wanted to see me, miss?……

Yes. Come in.

2) _____ We had football practice.

All right. Anyway, 3) _________ your essay. It’s very good.

Thank you, miss.

However, your marks in last Monday’s test were 4) _________

Sorry, miss. I didn’t revise enough. I played football at the weekend.

5) _____ And what about your project? Have you done that?

No, miss. 6) _________!

Show answers

2) Sorry I’m late

3) I’ve had a look at

4) pretty poor

5) That’s no excuse

6) I haven’t even started it!


Boy You wanted to see me, miss?

Teacher Yes. Come in.

Boy Sorry I’m late. We had football practice.

Teacher All right. Anyway, I’ve had a look at your essay. It’s very good.

Boy Thank you, miss.

Teacher However, your marks in last Monday’s test were pretty poor.

Boy Sorry miss. I didn’t revise enough. I played football at the weekend.

Teacher That’s no excuse. And what about your project? Have you done that?

Boy No, miss. I haven’t even started it!

5. Listen and complete the sentences with been or gone.

Kelly went skating this morning, but she’s in her bedroom now.

1) Kelly has __been__ skating today.

2) Joe has ________ home.

3) Poppy’s parents have ________ to France.

4) Luke’s sister has ________ to the USA.

5) Fred and Jane have ________ shopping.

6) Michael has ________ upstairs.

7) Vera has ________ out.

8) friends have ________ to the park.

Show answers

2) gone   3) been   4) gone   5) been   6) gone

7) gone   8) been


1) Kelly went skating this morning, but she’s in her bedroom now.

2) Joe was at house earlier, but he’s at home now.

3) parents had a holiday in France last year.

4) sister is studying in the USA now.

5) Fred and Jane went shopping today and Jane bought a coat. They’re back home now.

6) Michael isn’t in the living room. He’s upstairs.

7) Vera went out at one o’clock and she hasn’t come back yet.

8) friends went to the park an hour ago, but they’re back home now.