English Grammar Exercises for B1- Verb patterns

1. Choose the correct answers.

1) Do you fancy to go outgoing out for a pizza?

2) If you happen to seeseeing Kerry, tell her I called.

3) Do you want to watchwatching a film tonight?

4) We managed to finishfinishing our homework quickly.

5) I can’t help to laughlaughing when someone falls over.

6) We decided to gogoing to the Caribbean this year.

7) They refused to helphelping us with the project.

8) I couldn’t face to dodoing any revision last night.

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1) going out   2) to see   3) to watch   4) to finish

5) laughing   6) to go   7) to help   8) doing

2. Complete the dialogue with the infinitive or -ing form of the verbs in brackets.

Kate   I’m fed up! I spent all last night 1) _____ (study) for today’s exam.

Jenny Did you manage 2) _____ (learn) everything?

Kate   More or less. But I don’t feel like 3) _____ (do) the same again tonight.

Jenny No, I don’t enjoy 4) _____ (study) either, but we’ve nearly finished.

Kate   I want 5) _____ (go out) for a change. We’ve been studying for weeks.

Jenny Well, there’s no way we can avoid 6) _____ (take) exams. Let’s plan a trip for when we finish.

Kate    That’s a good idea! Where do you suggest 7) _____ (go)?

Jenny  I fancy 8) _____ (lie) on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing.

Kate    Excellent idea. Let’s go it.

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1) studying   2) to learn   3) doing   4) studying

5) to go out   6) taking   7) going   8) lying

3. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

As a child, Naomi Campbell always wanted 1) _____ (be) famous, but she never expected 2) _____ (become) a supermodel. She enjoyed 3) _____ (appear) in public and joined a drama school at the age of five. When she was fifteen, the head of the modelling agency spotted her and insisted on 4) _____ (give) her a contract. Despite discrimination in the field, she became an instant success and even magazines like Vogue agreed 5) _____ (use) her photo on their front cover. In the 1990s, Naomi decided to 6) _____ (launch) her singing career, but she failed 7) _____ (impress) the critics. However, she has spent over two decades 8) _____  (work) as a model and on the catwalk she is still as popular as ever.

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1) to be   2) to become   3) appearing   4) giving

5) to use   6) to launch   7) to impress   8) working

4. Complete the sentences with the infinitive or the -ing form of the verbs in the box.

buy     cycle     drink     fix     post     say     visit

1) I remembered ________ ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sarah. Did you?

2) She stopped ________ coffee so she would sleep better.

3) I forgot ________ that letter. Sorry!

4) The TV doesn’t work, but he’s going to try ________ it.

5) I stopped ________ petrol on way to London yesterday.

6) Do you remember ________ your grandparents when you were little?

7) sister tried ________ to work, but she didn’t enjoy it so now she gets the bus.

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1) to say   2 drinking   3) to post   4 to fix

5) to buy   6) visiting   7) to cycle


Look up these verbs in a learner’s dictionary and put them in the correct column.

admit     carry on     offer     plan     risk     threaten

verb + infinitive

verb + -ing

1) _____

4) _____

2) _____

5) _____

3) _____

6) _____

Write sentences using each verb.

1) _____

2) _____

3) _____

4) _____

5) _____

6) _____

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1) offer   2) plan   3) threaten

4) admit   5) carry on   6) risk