English Grammar Exercises for B1- Speculating and predicting

1. Look at the table. Then write sentences using the prompts.







will definitely

will probably

could / may / might

may not / might not

probably won’t

definitely won’t

1) it / rain / tomorrow (70%)

 It might rain tomorrow.

2) I / go to bed late tonight (0%)


3) Tom / pass all his exams (100%)


4) Lisa / go to the doctor’s tomorrow (70%)


5) I / get the answer right (40%)


6) Fred / see his girlfriend this weekend (90%)


7) Jade / play computer games this evening (10%)


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2) I definitely won’t go to bed late tonight.

3) Tom will definitely pass all his exams.

4) Lisa could / may / might go to the doctor’s tomorrow.

5) I may not / might not get the answer right.

6) Fred will probably see his girlfriend this weekend.

7) Jade probably won’t play computer games this evening.

2. Rewrite the sentence so that it has a similar meaning using the words in brackets.

1) I doubt scientists will find a cure for cancer in the near future. (probably)



2) I’m certain that doctors won’t find a cure for the common cold. (definitely)



3) It’s possible that millions of people will get ill from the flu virus this winter. (may)



4) I’m sure bio-printing of organs will become a reality. (definitely)



5) I’m fairly sure people will be healthier in the future. (probably)



6) It’s possible that antibiotics won’t be effective in the future. (might)



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1) Scientists probably won’t find a cure for cancer in the near future.

2) Doctors definitely won’t find a cure for the common cold.

3) Millions of people may get ill from the flu virus this winter.

4) Bio-printing of organs will definitely become a reality.

5) People will probably be healthier in the future.

6) Antibiotics might not be effective in the future.

3. Match 1-6 with a-f to make predictions.

1) If you touch that hot saucepan,

2) If you take painkillers,

3) If you twist your ankle,

4) If you break your arm,

5) If you aren’t careful with that knife,

6) If you have a bad nosebleed,

a you won’t be able to walk.

b you’ll have to go to hospital.

c you might cut yourself.

d you’ll burn yourself.

e you could lose a lot of blood.

f your headache will disappear.

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1) d   2) f   3) a   4) b   5) c   6) e

4. Complete the first conditional sentences with the verbs below. Use the present simple form and will / won’t + base form.

be      be      not be able to      cut down      die out      find

get      get rid of      live      protect      rise      not use

1) If scientists ____________ cures for most diseases, people ____________ much longer.

2) If the climate ____________ warmer, sea levels ____________

3) Many endangered species ____________ if we don’t ____________ them.

4) We ____________ stop climate change if we ____________ less fossil fuels.

5) If we ____________ the rainforests, there ____________ more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

6) If we ____________ nuclear weapons, I think the world ____________ a much safer place.

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1) find, will live   2) gets, will rise   3) will die out, protect

4) won’t be able to, don’t use   5) cut down, will be

6) get rid of, will be

5. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly. Tick the correct sentences.

1) If you go to the cinema, I might to go too.


2) The weather could not be very good tomorrow.


3) I’ll probably get up early tomorrow.


4) Sam won’t probably be at home this evening.


5) You could be right.


6) I’ll go to the concert if the tickets will be cheap.


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1) If you go to the cinema, I might go too.

2) The weather maynotmightnot be very good tomorrow.


4) Sam probablywon’t be at home this evening.


6) I’ll go to the concert if the tickets are cheap.

6. Complete the sentences with will / may / might / could (not) and the verbs below. Sometimes more than one answer may be possible.

be      close      go out      hurt      like      win

1) The doctor isn’t completely sure, but he thinks that leg ____________ broken.

2) I don’t think our team ____________ today because our best player is injured.

3) I’m not sure if you should watch this horror film. You ____________ it.

4) He’s quite anxious about his operation, although the doctor has said it ____________ at all.

5) I haven’t decided yet, but I ____________ tonight. I’ve got a lot of homework.

6) There are rumours that they ____________ our local hospital. Very few people use it.

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1) may / might / could be broken   2) will win

3) may not / might not like   4) won’t hurt

5) may not / might not go out   6) may / might / could close