English Grammar Exercises for B1- Speculating and predicting

1. Match the sentence halves to make predictions.

1) If we don’t save energy,

2) If you drive through a red light,

3) If I pass exams,

4) If phone battery runs out,

5) If global warming gets worse,

6) If you forget to upload your photos,

7) If you don’t look smart,

8) If we put our video on YouTube,

a many animals will become extinct.

b you might lose them.

c you won’t get the job.

d the world’s oil will run out.

e I’ll get a new laptop.

f I’ll ring you when I get home.

g a lot of people will watch it.

h you might have an accident.

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1) d   2) h   3) e   4) f  5) a   6 b   7) c   8) g

2. Complete the first conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1) If the weather ____________ (be) nice, we ____________ (have) a barbecue.

2) sister ____________ (not pass) her exams if she ____________ (not study).

3) If they ____________ (lose) tomorrow, they ____________ (not play) in the final.

4) If you ____________ (drive) to work, you ____________ (not be) late.

5) I ____________ (not get) wet, if I ____________ (take) an umbrella.

6) Rob ____________ (do) a computer course if he ____________ (not find) a job.

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1) is, ’ll / will have   2) won’t pass, doesn’t study

3) lose, won’t play   4) drive, won’t be

5) won’t get, take   6) will do, doesn’t find

3. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly if necessary.

1) I won’t probably get an LED TV for birthday.


2) We might not to go to John’s party.


3) Sam may get a job in the summer.


4) I could not have a holiday next year.


5) maths homework could be wrong.


6) Lisa might going out tonight.


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1) I probably won’t get an LED TV for birthday.

2) We might not go to John’s party.


4) I may / might not have a holiday next year.


6) Lisa might go out tonight.

4. Write the sentences using expressions of speculation and prediction.

In the future:

1) all cars / run on solar power (70% chance)

  In the future, all cars might run on solar power.

2) books / disappear (90% chance)


3) libraries / exist any more (10% chance)


4) people / work from home (100% chance)


5) children / learn at virtual schools (70% chance)


6) students / need notebooks (0% chance)


7) schools / teach foreign languages (40% chance)


8) an asteroid / hit the Earth (0.01% chance)


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2) In the future, books will probably disappear.

3) In the future, libraries probably won’t exist any more.

4) In the future, people will work from home.

5) In the future, children may / might / could learn at virtual schools.

6) In the future, students won’t need notebooks.

7) In the future, schools may / might not teach foreign languages.

8) In the future, an asteroid won’t hit the Earth.


Complete the sentences with your own ideas.

If I finish homework this evening, __________________ .

If it rains at the weekend, __________________ .

If I’m ill tomorrow, __________________ .

If I get good exam results, __________________ .

If I have enough money, __________________ .