English Grammar Exercises for B1- Reported questions

1. Order the words to make reported questions. Then write the questions as direct speech.

1) I / me / old / she asked / was / how

 She asked me how old I was. ‘How old are you?’

2) what / he asked / were / them / they / doing


3) afraid / you / you / were / I asked / if


4) was / her / mum / why / she / we asked / angry


5) happening / I asked / what / him / was


6) where / would / me / stay / he asked / I


7) if / they asked / help / I / could / them


8) if / been / had / me / they asked / I / skiing / ever


9) how / we asked / spent / money / him / he’d / much


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2) He asked them what they were doing. –‘What are you doing?’

3) I asked you if you were afraid. – ‘Are you afraid?’

4) We asked her why her mum was angry. – ‘Why is your mum angry?’

5) I asked him what was happening. – ‘What is happening?’

6) He asked me where I would stay. – ‘Where will you stay?’

7) They asked if I could help them. – ‘Can you help us?’

8) They asked me if I had ever been skiing. – ‘Have you ever been skiing?’

9) We asked him how much money he’d spent. – ‘How much money did you spend?’

2. Listen to the direct speech and complete the reported questions..

1) He asked her ________. for dinner.

2) She asked him ________. on Sundays.

3) He asked her ________. the new Chinese restaurant.

4) She asked him ________. heavily.

5) He asked her ________. into town.

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1) where she wanted to go

2) what time the Italian restaurant opened

3) if she had tried

4) if it was still raining

5) if her brother would give them a lift



Man Where do you want to go for dinner?

Woman I fancy a pizza.


Woman What time does the Italian restaurant open on Sundays?

Man I’m not sure. Six o’clock, I think.


Man Have you tried the new Chinese restaurant?

Woman No, I haven’t. I’m not a big fan of Chinese food.


Woman Is it still raining heavily?

Man No, it isn’t. It’s much lighter now.


Man Will your brother give us a lift into town?

Woman Yes, he might. He usually does.

3. Rewrite the direct speech as reported questions.

1) ‘What are you doing?’ Jake asked his sister.


2) ‘Have you washed jeans?’ Poppy asked her mum.


3) ‘When did you finish your homework?’ friend asked me.


4) ‘Is it still raining?’ Freddie asked Luke.


5) ‘Can you play the saxophone?’ Nadia asked me.


6) ‘When will you give me back laptop?’ dad asked sister.


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1) Jake asked his sister what she was doing.

2) Poppy asked her mum if she had washed her jeans.

3) friend asked me when I had finished homework.

4) Freddie asked Luke if it was still raining.

5) Nadia asked me if I could play the saxophone.

6) dad asked sister when she would give him back his laptop.

4. Underline a mistake in each reported question. Then write the reported questions correctly.

1) She asked them why they are being so noisy.


2) I asked her how she had hurt yourself.


3) We asked them they wanted to travel with us.


4) He asked me what was I listening to.


5) They asked if who had told him the secret.


6) She asked him why he had phoned her yesterday.


7) I asked her that if she knew what was happening.


8) I asked him how many brothers had he.


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1) She asked them why they were being so noisy.

2) I asked her how she had hurt herself.

3) We asked them if / why they wanted to travel with us.

4) He asked me what I was listening to.

5) They asked who had told him the secret.

6) She asked him why he had phoned her the day before.

7) I asked her if she knew what was happening.

8) I asked him how many brothers he had.

5. Read the dialogue. Then complete the text below with reported statements and questions.

Zac   Do you know Lily’s email address? I want to invite her to birthday party.

Ellie It’s in address book. I’ll look in a minute.

Zac   What are you doing?

Ellie I’m looking something up on the internet.

Zac  What do you need to find out?

Ellie It’s a secret.

Zac   Can you give me a clue?

Ellie I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Zac asked Ellie if 1) ___________ address. He said that he 2) ___________ to his birthday party. Ellie said 3) ___________ address book. She said 4) ___________ in a minute. Zac asked Ellie 5) _____ Ellie said that 6) ___________ on the internet. Zac asked her 7) _____ Ellie said that 8) _____ Zac asked Ellie 9) ___________ a clue. Ellie said that 10) ___________ the surprise.

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1) she knew Lily’s email 2) wanted to invite her

3) (that) it was in her 4) (that) she would look

5) what she was doing   6) she was looking something up

7) what she needed to find out 8) it was a secret

9) if she could give him  10) she didn’t want to spoil

6. Complete the reported questions.

1) ‘Do you have a signal?’

   friend asked ________.

2) ‘How much credit would you like?’

  The assistant asked her ________.

3) ‘Have you switched off your phones?’

   The examiner asked us ________.

4) ‘Did you have a good time yesterday?’

    mum asked ________.

5) ‘Where did you leave tablet?’

   Kate asked me ________.

6) ‘When will you have finished the book?’

   I asked Jack ________.

7) ‘What are you doing tonight?’

  A asked Mark ________.

8) ‘Can I call you back this evening?’

      Holly’s boyfriend asked ________.     

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1) (me) if I had a signal

2) how much credit she would like

3) if we had switched off our phones

4) (me) if I had had a good time the day before

5) where I had left her tablet

6) when he would have finished the book

7) what he was doing that night

8) (her) if he could call her back that evening