English Grammar Exercises for B1- Present tense contrast

1. Complete the pairs of sentences with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs.

1) wear

a People often ________ a scarf in the winter.

b It’s hot today, so I ________ a T-shirt.

2) leave

a Why ________ Ruth ________ so early this evening?

b What time ________ the last bus ________ on Fridays?

3) take

a I never ________ your things.

b Why ________ you ________ so many photos?

4) not see

a Merinda ________ her boyfriend every day.

b She ________ him again until next Friday!

5) start

a Hurry up! It ________ to rain.

b Our first lesson ________ at 8.30 a.m.

6) work

a Where ________ your mum usually ________?

b _____ she ________ late tonight?

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1)  a wear   b ’m / am wearing

2)  a is, leaving   b does, leave

3)  a take   b are, taking

4)  a doesn’t see   b isn’t seeing

5)  a ’s / is starting   b starts

6)  a does, work   b Is, working

2. Read the text and choose the correct answers.

Today, many teenagers 1) _____ a hoody instead of a coat to keep warm when they’re outside. However, some adults 2) _____ hoodies. They 3) _____ that young people who 4) _____ these sweatshirts are criminals, and that the teenagers 5) _____ the hood to hide their identity when they 6) _____ things they shouldn’t be doing. For example, shoplifters often wear hoodies because they 7) _____ their faces to appear on security cameras when they 8) _____ things from shops. Nowadays, some shopping centres 9) _____ to introduce a ban on hoodies to stop this problem.

1) a   put on

2) a   doesn’t like

3) a   believe

4) a   are wearing

5) a   is using

6) a   is doing

7) a   don’t want

8) a   are stealing

9) a   try

b   are putting on

b   aren’t liking

b   are believing

b   is wearing

b   use

b   are doing

b   aren’t wanting

b   is stealing

b   are trying

c   puts on

c   don’t like

c   believes

c   wear

c   uses

c   does

c   doesn’t want

c   steals

c   tries

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1) a   2) c   3) a   4) c   5) b   6) b   7) a   8) a   9) b

3. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly if necessary.

1) I’m tired. I’m wanting to go home now.


2) I’m staying with aunt while parents are away.


3) We aren’t believing in ghosts.


4) sister is into sport. She plays tennis every Saturday.


5) Mia is bad-tempered. She’s always shouting.


6) Your car is very old. You’re needing a new one.


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1) I’m tired. I want to go home now.


3) We don’t believe in ghosts.



6) Your car is very old. You need a new one.

4. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

come     go     meet     need     not know

not want     understand     worry

Jessica   Eve, 1) __are you coming__ to Wendy’s party on Saturday?

Eva         I think so. What about you?

Jessica   Yes, but I 2) _____ what to wear.

Eva         Jessica, it’s only Monday! Why 3) _____ you ________ about the party already?

Jessica   Well, Jamie 4) _____ , so I 5) _____ to look a mess.

Eva         Now I 6) _____ ! In that case, you 7) _____ to buy something special to wear.

Jessica   I know! I’m 8) _____ Jane at the shopping centre after school today!

Eva         You’re so organised, Jessica!

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2) don’t know   3) are, worrying   4) is going

5) don’t want   6) understand   7) need   8) meeting


Write sentences to describe:

1) two things you do every morning.



2) two annoying things your friends do.



3) the time you get up and go to bed.



4) two arrangements you’ve made for this weekend.



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