English Grammar Exercises for B1- Present perfect simple and continuous

1. Complete the text with the present perfect continuous form of the verbs below.

ask      attract      focus      get      not go

post      not update      visit      write


Sam Delaney, a student at Imperial College London, 1) _____. film reviews since he was eleven years old. At first, he posted them on Facebook, but for the past four years, he 2) _____. them on his own website – Purple Popcorn. The website 3) _____. the attention of the media recently, since it emerged that several Hollywood producers 4) _____. it to read his reviews. ‘They’ve finally noticed me,’ says Sam, proudly. ‘They 5) _____. if they can put lines from reviews on their own websites and adverts.’

Since September, Sam 6) _____. his site very often. That’s because he 7) _____. to the cinema very much while he’s preparing for exams. ‘I 8) _____. on university work,’ he says. Even so, his website 9) _____. a lot of hits thanks to a growing number of followers on Twitter.

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1) has been writing   2) ‘s been posting

3) has attracted   4) have been visiting   5) ‘ve asked

6) hasn’t been updating   7) hasn’t been going

8) ‘ve been focussing   9) has been getting

2. Complete the sentences with the present perfect continuous form of the verbs in brackets and for or since.

1) She ______________ (collect) badges _____________ ten years. She got thousands!

2) ___________ (you / learn) Japanese _____________ a long time?

3) I’m going home. I ______________ (not feel) well _____________ this morning.

4) sister ______________ (drink) coffee _____________ most of the evening and now she can’t sleep!

5) I don’t know why he’s being so impatient. He ______________ (not wait) _____________ long.

6) I should do well in exams. I ______________ (work) hard _____________ the start of term.

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1) ‘s been collecting, for   2) Have you been learning, for

3) haven’t been feeling, since   4) has been drinking, for

5) hasn’t been waiting, for   6) ‘ve been working, since

3. Circle the correct answers.

1) You’re two hours late! What _____________ all afternoon?

a have you done

b have you been doing

2) This farm _____________ to our family for two centuries.

a has belonged

b has been belonging

3) ‘I send you an email.’ ‘Really? I _____________ it.’

a haven’t received

b haven’t been receiving

4) Is Tom OK? I _____________ him three times this week, but he hasn’t replied.

a ‘ve texted

b ‘ve been texting

5) ______ popcorn? The box half empty!

a Have you eaten

b Have you been eating

6) Is dinner ready yet? You _____________ for hours!

a ‘ve cooked

b ‘ve been cooking

7) I’m really enjoying this novel, but I _____________ all of it.

a haven’t understood

b haven’t been understanding

8) dad _____________ his car. He goes everywhere by bike now.

a has sold

b has been selling

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1) b   2) a   3) a   4) a   5) b   6) b   7) a   8) a

4. Complete the replies with the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1)  a Have you finished that history project?

b No, I haven’t. And I ______________ (do) it all day!

2)  a Why are your hands so dirty?

b I ______________ (try) to repair bike.

3)  a Did your brother forget about football practice?

b Yes. And I ______________ (remind) him three times this week!

4)  a Did you write a letter to the town council?

b Yes, but I ______________ (not send) it.

5)  a Are those potatoes ready yet?

b No, they aren’t. How long ______________ (we / cook) them?

6)  a Has Billy replied to your messages yet?

b No, he hasn’t. And I ______________ (text) him five times!

7)  a You’re nearly an hour late. What ______________ (you / do)?

b Sorry. I was asleep!

8)  a This film doesn’t make sense. Why are the police chasing that man?

b I don’t know. I ______________ (not watch).

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1) ‘ve been doing   2) ‘ve been trying   3) ‘ve reminded

4) haven’t sent   5) have we been cooking   6) ‘ve texted

7) have you been doing   8) haven’t been watching

5. Complete the dialogues with the present perfect continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

Mark How long 1) _____. (your sister / play) the drums?

Holly For about two years.

Mark Does she practise every day?

Holly No, she 2) _____. (not practise) recently. She 3) _____. (study) for her exams.

Sarah Why are you so tired?

Paul 4) _____. (not sleep) well. I 5) _____. (wake up) very early, and then I can’t get back to sleep again.

Sarah  Why do you think is? 6) _____. (you / work) too much?

Paul    Yes, I suppose that might be it.

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1) has your sister been playing

2) hasn’t been practising

3) ’s been studying

4) haven’t been sleeping

5) ’ve been waking up

6) Have you been working

6. Complete the sentences with the correct present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1) We ________. (walk) for ages. I think we’re lost.

2) Zach will have to walk to school because he ________. (miss) the bus.

3) Sorry I’m late. ________. (you / wait) long?

4) I ________. (go) to Paris twice, but I wouldn’t mind going again.

5) She’s hot because she ________. (play) tennis all afternoon.

6) You ________. (not have) that phone for long. What do you want a new one?

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1) ’ve been walking 2) ’s missed 3) Have you been waiting

4) ’ve been 5) ’s been playing 6) haven’t had