English Grammar Exercises for B1- Present perfect and past simple contrast

1. Circle the correct answers.

1) Fran wenthasgone ballroom dancing last night.

2 DidyoufinishHaveyoufinished vlogging yet?

3)hadhavehad this camera for over a year.

4)readhaveread the whole magazine in an hour.

5) Sam isn’t hungry because he alreadyatehasalreadyeaten .

6 DidyougoHaveyoubeen cycling last weekend?

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1) went   2) Have you finished   3) have had   4) read

5) has already eaten   6) Did you go

2. Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

1) I didn’t go rollerblading before. Is it fun?


2) I’ve fallen over while I was ice skating.


3) Did Jasmine text you yet?


4) Dan has gone bowling on his birthday.


5) I didn’t go camping since last summer.


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1) didn’t go = haven’t been   2) ‘ve fallen = fell

3) Did Jasmine text = Has Jasmine texted

4) has gone = went   5) didn’t go = haven’t been

3. Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple in one sentence and the present perfect in the other.

1)  a I ________. skateboarding lots of time. (go)

b Katie ________. shopping yesterday. (go)

2)  a When ________. you ________. that cake? (bake)

b I ________. cakes since I was ten. (bake)

3)  a Joe loves karate. He ________. it for ages. (do)

b I ________. ballet for a year, but I gave it up. (do)

4)  a Northern Lights is a great book. ________. you ________. it? (read)

b I ________. four novels last month. (read)

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1) ‘ve been; went   2) did; bake; ‘ve been baking

3) ‘s been doing; did   4) Have; read; read

4. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the words in brackets and the past simple or present perfect. You will need to add other words.

1) I can still remember tenth birthday party. (never)

I have never forgotten tenth birthday party.

2) Tomorrow, Jason will go horse riding for the first time. (never)

 Jason ________ horse riding before.

3) I haven’t played table tennis for a year. (ago)

I last ________

4) Tom has just texted me. (a moment ago)

 Tom ________

5) The last time I vlogged was a year ago. (for)

 I ________ a year.

6) Is this your first time at this gym? (ever)

 ________ before?

7) brother has collected stamps since he was six. (collecting)

      ________ when he was six.

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2) has never been   3) played table tennis a year ago

4) texted me a moment ago   5) haven’t vlogged for

6) Have you ever been to this gym   7) brother started collecting stamps

5. Complete the interview with the past time or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Interviewer When 1) _________ you ____________ (start) rollerblading?

Tiffany I first 2) _________ (go) rollerblading when I was nine. I 3) _________ (stop) for a few years, then I 4) _________ (take) it up again when I was in teens.

Interviewer How often do you practise?

Tiffany As often as I can. But it 5) _________ (be) very wet recently, so I 6) _________ (not be able) to get out on the streets much, which is very frustrating.

Interviewer Who are your favourite rollerbladers?

Tiffany I love watching Chris Haffey. I 7) _________ (always / admire) him. In 2011, he 8) _________ (break) the world record for the longest jump – 30 metres!

Interviewer9 _________ you ____________ (have) much success in competitions?

Tiffany Yes, I 10) _________ (win) quite a few competitions. I 11) _________ (come) first in the 2014 Street Rollerblading Open Championship.

Interviewer That’s fantastic!

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1) did, start   2) went   3) stopped   4) took   5) has been

6) haven’t been able to   7) ‘ve always admired 8) broke

9) Have, had   10) ‘ve won   11) came

6. Complete the text with the correct past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Twenty-three-year-old Sam Willoughby is a world champion BMX rider. He 1) _________ (get) his first bike when he was six, and since then he 2) _________ (take) par in numerous competitions, including the 2012 London Olympics where he 3) _________ (win) a silver medal. Although Sam is Australian, he 4) _________ (not live) in the country of his birth since he 5) _________ (leave) for the USA at the age of sixteen. During his first years in California, he 6) _________ (not have) any money, but since then, his prize money 7) _________ (make) him wealth. Sam currently lives in San Diego, and he has an American girlfriend, Alise Post. Alise, who 8) _________ (know) Sam for several years, is also a BMX champion.

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1) got   2) has taken   3) won   4) hasn’t lived   5) left

6) didn’t have   7) has made   8) has known