English Grammar Exercises for B1 – Indefinite pronouns: some-, any-, no-, every-

1. Choose the correct indefinite pronoun.

1) I didn’t have to pay ______ for the tickets. They were free.

a nothing      b anything      c something

2) We didn’t like the city. There were tourists ______ .

a anywhere      b somewhere      c everywhere

3) I think I’ve missed the train. There’s ______ on the platform.

a anybody      b everybody      c nobody

4) He can’t lift his suitcase. There’s ______ heavy in it.

a something      b everything      c anything

5) The law says that ______ has to wear a seat belt.

a everybody      b anybody      c somebody

6) The restaurant was full. There was ______ to sit.

a anywhere      b nowhere      c somewhere

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1) b   2) c   3) c   4) a   5) a   6) b

2. The indefinite pronouns in these sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly.

1) Has somebody seen passport?


2) I was hungry because there was anything to eat.


3) There wasn’t nobody at the check-in desk.


4) We didn’t have nowhere to sleep.


5) Can I have anything to drink?


6) I’ll go somewhere as long as there’s a beach.


7) I want to meet nobody from London.


8  Anybody says that Paris is amazing in the spring.


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2) nothing   3) anybody / anyone   4) anywhere

5) something   6) anywhere   7) somebody / someone

8) Everybody

3. Complete the dialogue with indefinite pronouns.

Liz   I’ve been thinking about the holidays. Let’s go 1) _____ different this year.

Phil Were you thinking of 2) _____ in particular?

Liz   Well, 3) _____ at work went to Monte Carlo last year. She said it was great!

Phil But 4) _____ in Monte Carlo is so expensive! We can’t afford a holiday.

Liz   You said the same last year and we did 5) _____ all summer. I don’t know 6) _____ except us who spends their holidays in their garden!

Phil  Well, if you can think of 7) _____ cheap to do, I’ll agree to it.

Liz    8 _____ says that camping is cheap.

Phil  OK. Let’s go and buy a tent.

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1) somewhere   2) anywhere   3) somebody / someone

4) everything   5) nothing   6 anybody / anyone

7) something   8) Everybody / Everyone

4. Complete the article with indefinite pronouns.

Low-cost flights may mean you can go away 1) _____ exciting for the same price as it costs to stay at home, but there is another side to the story. Every time 2) _____ takes a return flight from London to New York, about 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced. You can’t travel 3) _____ by plane without contributing to global warming.

So, can 4) _____ be done to solve the problem? Currently, governments seem to be doing almost 5) _____ to control the carbon emissions from aircraft. 6) _____ has managed to discover an alternative fuel to kerosene yet. Governments need to do 7) _____ to stop the damage airlines are causing. Relying on individuals to limit the flights they take is not the answer. There isn’t 8) _____ who would choose a train over a plane when they have to travel over 1,000 km to a business meeting or a family wedding.

One thing is clear. If the issue of aircraft carbon emissions is not addressed, there will soon be 9) _____ attractive to fly to.

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1) somewhere   2 somebody / someone   3) anywhere

4) anything   5) nothing   6) Nobody / No one

7) something   8) anybody / anyone   9) nowhere


Read the questions and use indefinite pronouns to write your answers.

Who would you like to go on holiday with?



What activities would you like to do on your next holiday?



Where would you like to go for your next holiday?



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