English Grammar Exercises for B1- Imaginary situations

1. Complete the second conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs below.

not believe      do      get      give      make      not spend      work

1) Your exam results would be much better if you ________. a bit harder.

2) If you moved to a new city, you ________. friends really quickly.

3) Homelessness wouldn’t be such a big problem if the government ________. more to help.

4) I’d finish the housework a lot faster if you ________. me a hand with it!

5) Would she remember me if I ________. in touch after so many years?

6) You’d have more time for schoolwork if you ________. so long playing computer games.

7) If I told you the truth, you ________. me.

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1) worked   2) would make   3) did   4) gave   5) got

6) didn’t spend   7) wouldn’t believe

2. Complete the dialogue with the past simple and would + base form.

Tim I think we’re lost. If this 1) _____. (be) the right path, we 2) _____. (be) there by now.

Paul So which path should we be on?

Tim  If I 3) _____. (know) that, we 4) _____. (not be) lost!

Paul If you 5) _____. (have) your phone with you, we 6) _____. (be able to) look at a map.

Tim We decided not to bring our phones, remember? A weekend without technology ___

Paul I know. I 7) _____. (not be) so worried if we 8) _____. (not be) so far from home. Next time, we should bring our phones, but only use them in an emergency.

Tim If you 9) _____. (bring) your phone with you, you 10) _____. (use) it all the time. You’re addicted!

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1) was   2) would be   3) knew   4) wouldn’t be   5) had

6) would be able to   7) wouldn’t be   8) weren’t

9) brought   10) would use

3. Rewrite the sentences. Use the second conditional.

1) Our house doesn’t have a big garden, so we have to play football in the park.

 If our house had a big garden, we wouldn’t have to play football in the park.

2) I don’t like in a detached house, so I can’t play music really loud.



3) We don’t have a nine-bedroom mansion, so we don’t invite lots of friends and family to stay.



4) Our flat is small, so parents don’t allow me to have a pet.



5) I don’t close bedroom shutters at night, so I wake up early in the morning.



6) They haven’t got a fence. Their dog keeps running away.



7) They aren’t interested in gardening. Their flower beds are a mess.



8) I share a bedroom with brother. I can’t watch TV at night.



9) Our house is near an airport. It’s noisy in the garden.



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2) If I lived in a detached house, I could play music really loud.

3) If we had a nine-bedroom mansion, we would invite lots of friends and family to stay.

4) If our flat wasn’t so small, parents would allow me to have a pet.

5) If I closed bedroom shutters at night, I wouldn’t wake up early in the morning.

6) If they had a fence, their dog wouldn’t keep running away.

7) If they were interested in gardening, their flowerbeds wouldn’t be a mess.

8) If I didn’t share a bedroom with brother, I could watch TV at night.

9) If our house wasn’t near an airport, it wouldn’t be noisy in the garden.

4. Complete the sentences with the past simple or would + base form, depending on the meaning.

1) Our neighbours have still got badminton net. I wish they ______________ (give) it back!

2) I can’t work with the TV so loud. I wish you ______________ (turn) it down!

3) I love that new phone, but it’s really expensive. If only it ______________ (be) cheaper!

4) Unfortunately, I don’t see cousins very often. I wish they ______________ (live) closer.

5) I want to go to bed, but our guests are still here. If only they ______________ (leave)!

6) I wish it ______________ (be) Friday today.

7) I really want to go skiing tomorrow. If only it ______________ (snow) tonight!

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1) would give   2) would turn   3) was / were   4) lived

5) would leave   6) was / were   7) would snow

5. Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1)  a Where would you live if you ______________ (have) the choice?

b I ______________ (buy) a villa on the coast.

2)  a What would your parents do if you ______________ (not clean) your room?

b They ______________ (not give) me any pocket money.

3)  a How would you feel if you ______________ (be) homeless?

b I ______________ (not like) it at all.

4)  a If you could, ______________ (you / make) any changes to your home?

b Yes. I’d build an extension so that I ______________ (can) have own room.

5)  a If your room ______________ (need) painting, what colour would you choose?

b I ______________ (paint) one wall blue and the others white.

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1) had, ’d buy   2) didn’t clean, wouldn’t give   3) were, wouldn’t like

4) would you make, could   5) needed, ’d paint

6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1) I wish the ______________ a swimming poor. It would be perfect in the summer. (have)

2) If only brother ______________ more in the house. Then I wouldn’t have to do everything! (help)

3) If only you ______________ so far away. We hardly ever see each other. (not live)

4) I wish neighbour ______________ his music so loud. I can’t concentrate! (not play)

5) I wish you ______________ the bathroom every time you have a shower. You make such a mess! (not flood)

6) If only I ______________ older. Then I could leave home. (be)

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1) had   2) would help   3) didn’t live   4) wouldn’t play

5) wouldn’t flood   6) was / were

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