English Grammar Exercises for B1- have something done

1. Look at the pictures of Jack. Write sentences about what Jack has had done. Use a noun from A and the past participle of a verb from B.


A   beard     ear     glasses     hair     nose     suit     teeth

B   alter     cut     dye     make     pierce     repair     whiten

1) He’s had a suit made.

2) _____________

3) _____________

4) _____________

5) _____________

6) _____________

7) _____________

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2) He’s had his beard cut.

3) He’s had his ear pierced.

4) He’s had his glasses repaired.

5) He’s had his hair dyed.

6) He’s had his nose altered.

7) He’s had his teeth whitened.

2. Rewrite the sentences about David and Allie’s new house with the correct form of have something done.

1) Some builders repaired the roof last month.

     They had the roof repaired last month.

2) Some decorators are decorating the house.

They ________

3) An electrician has serviced the central heating.

They ________

4) A gardener is going to cut the grass.

They ________

5) A painter is painting the front door.

They ________

6) A plumber fitted a new shower.

They ________

7) Some cleaners are going to clean the whole house.

      They ________

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2) are having the house decorated.

3) have had the central heating serviced.

4) are going to have the grass cut.

5) are having the front door painted.

6) had a new shower fitted.

7) are going to have the whole house cleaned.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns.

1) I don’t have bed made. I make it __self__

2) We didn’t have our house cleaned. We cleaned it ________

3) You aren’t going to have your food cooked. You’re going to cook it ________

4) He hasn’t had his shirts ironed. He’s ironed them ________

5) I won’t have the TV repaired. I’ll repair it ________

6) She isn’t going to have her dress made. She’s going to make it ________

7) They didn’t have the sofa delivered. They took it home ________

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2) ourselves   3) yourself / yourselves   4) himself

5) self   6) herself   7) themselves

4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. One sentence in each pair needs a reflexive pronoun.

1)  a Did you __enjoy__ the meal? (enjoy)

b Did you __enjoy yourself__ at the party? (enjoy)

2)  a Lucy __________ her finger while she was peeling the potatoes. (cut)

b Dan __________ while he was shaving. (cut)

3)  a The children are old enough to ________ (look after)

b Jack and Lisa __________ their little brother until their mother gets home from work. (look after)

4)  a Mary can’t __________ when she gets angry. (control)

b Mr Black can’t __________ the class on Friday afternoons. (control)

5)  a Holly __________ to speak Italian before her holiday. (teach)

b Ben __________ his friend to play tennis last summer. (teach)

6)  a friend __________ his leg playing football. (hurt)

b little sister __________ playing in the park on Sunday. (hurt)

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2)  a cut

b cut himself

3)  a look after themselves

b look after

4)  a control herself

b control

5)  a taught herself

b taught

6)  a hurt

b hurt herself


Describe how four people have changed their appearance recently. They can be family, friends, or famous people. Use have something done.