English Grammar Exercises for B1- Future perfect and future continuous

1. Read the predictions made by Eloise James, a leading campaigner for environmental change. Choose the correct answer.

What does the future hold?

By 2050:

1) many people will have livedwill be living on the moon.

2) the polar ice-caps will be meltingwill have melted completely.

3) the temperature on Earth will be risingwill have risen to 40 °C all year round.

4) all marine life will be dyingwill have died .

5) We will be eatingwill have eaten only processed food.

6) the world population will have increasedwill be increasing to 30 billion.

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1) will be living   2) will have melted

3) will have rise   4) will have died

5) will be eating   6) will have increased

2. Complete the text about the future with the future perfect or the future continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

Life in 2050

By 2050, technology will have taken over our lives and there will be no reason for us to leave our houses.

We 1) _____ (do) all our shopping on the Internet and instead of visiting friends we 2) _____ (chat) to them via our webcams. Many people 3) _____ (work) from home in the future too, so cars will no longer be necessary. As for our houses themselves, they 4) _____ (grow) in size to incorporate giant solar panels. People 5) _____ (throw away) their ovens and kitchen utensils, and robots 6) _____ (cook) the family meals.

In 2050, everybody 7) _____ (go) to exercise groups in their area to keep fit. The price of beauty treatments 8) _____ (fall), so everybody 9) _____ (look) good!

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1) ’ll / will be doing   2) ’ll / will be chatting

3) will be working   4) ’ll / will have grown

5) will have thrown away   6) will be cooking

7) will be going   8) will have fallen

9) will be looking

3. Find the mistake in each line of the text. Write the correction below.

1 Fossil fuels will ran out by 2030, so car makers

2 will be sold cars that use alternative energy.

3 Motorists will driving battery-operated cars, and

4 petrol stations will have install special areas to

5 recharge the batteries. More people will using

6 public transport, and fares have dropped. Many

7 workers will be work from home, so they won’t need to

8 travel to the office. Some companies will have closing their offices.

1) __will have run out__

2) _________

3) _________

4) _________

5) _________

6) _________

7) _________

8) _________

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2) will be selling   3) will be driving

4) will have installed   5) will be using

6) will have dropped   7) will be working

8) will have closed

4. Complete the second sentences with the correct form of the future continuous or the future perfect.

1) Today is Friday. I’m doing driving test next Thursday.

  This time next week I ____________ driving test.

2) You always have dinner at 8 p.m. What about tonight?

  ____________ at 8 p.m. tonight?

3) The film starts at 7.30. We haven’t arrived yet.

  ____________ by the time we arrive.

4) sister goes to bed at 9 p.m. We arrive home at 10 p.m.

  sister ____________ by the time we get home.

5) We’re living in this house now. We’re moving in December.

  Next year, ____________ in this house.

6) Their exams don’t finish until June.

  They ____________ their exams by the end of May.

7) Today is Monday. We’re flying to Sydney next Monday.

  This time next week ____________ to Sydney.

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1) ’ll / will have done

2) Will you be having dinner

3) The film will have started

4) will have gone to bed

5) we won’t be living

6) won’t have finished

7) we’ll / will be flying


Complete these sentences about you. Use the future continuous and the future perfect.

In 2020, ________ .

By 2025, ________ .

In 2040, ________ .

By 2045, ________ .

In 2060, ________ .

By 2065, ________ .