English Grammar Exercises for B1- Determiners: all, each, every, few, little, etc.

1. Choose the correct answer.

1) It’s not the first time the lead singer has been ill. It’s happened fewa few times before.

2) Van Gosh was nearly always poor. He made a littlelittle money from his work.

3) The interview went well because the artist spoke fewa few words of English.

4) His room was quite bare because he had a littlelittle furniture.

5) The exhibition wasn’t very popular. FewA few people went to see it.

6) He had littlea little time, so he took a break before finishing the picture.

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1) a few   2) little   3) a few

4) little   5) Few   6) a little

2. Answer the questions using the words in brackets.

1) Did you watch that concert on TV? (most)


2) Which Adèle albums have you listened to? (all)


3) Did you like the music at the festival? (some)


4) How many art exhibitions have you been to this year? (any)


5) Do you know all the words to that song? (most)


6) How many films have you seen this year? (a few)


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1) I watched most of it.

2) I have listened to all of them.

3) I liked some of it.

4) I haven’t been to any.

5) I know most of them.

6) I’ve / have seen a few.

3. Some of the sentences are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly if necessary.

1) The DJ didn’t take many time to set up his equipment.


2) Singers and dancers earn few money at first.


3) A lot of performers feel nervous when they start.


4) Only a few professional singers go on to sing opera.


5) Little string quartets become famous.


6) Not much buskers get rich.


7) A lot musicians can play more than one instrument.


8) music teacher says that I need to practise every day.


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1) The DJ didn’t take much time to set up his equipment.

2) Singers and dancers earn little money at first.



5) Few string quartets become famous.

6) Not many buskers get rich.

7) A lot of musicians can play more than one instrument.


4. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Remember to use of where necessary.

all     any     each     few     many     most     no     some

1) We enjoyed the Kandinsky exhibition. __All of__ the pictures were painted by the Russian artist.

2) There are ____________ boys in the school choir, only girls.

3) We had ____________ dinner before we went out as we would be getting home late.

4) They aren’t a successful band. ____________ people have heard of them.

5) I saw ____________ the film, but I missed the end because friend phoned me.

6) The teacher read ____________ poem carefully before deciding which one should win the poetry competition.

7) They didn’t go to the festival because they didn’t know ____________ the bands.

8) They didn’t sing ____________ songs from their new album, only the title track.

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2) no   3) some   4) Few   5) most of

6) each   7) any of   8) many


Write true sentences about your classmates. Use the phrases in the box and all, most, many, some, a few, one or none.

play in a band

are professional dancers

go to concerts

like opera

listen to music

know how to read music

Some of us play in a band.