English Vocabulary Exercises for A2 – Worth a visit

1. Complete the visitor attactions.


1) f________.


2) a________.


3) m________.


4) w________. p________.


5) h________.


6) c________.


7) c________.


8) s________.


9) r________.


10) t________.

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1) fountain   2) zoo   3) market   4) water park

5) harbour   6) castle   7) cathedral   8) statue

9) ruins   10) temple

2. Answer the questions with the words below.

aquarium      botanical gardens      museum      palace

theme park      tower      national park

Where can you ___

1) enjoy nature and see exotic plants? ________

2) learn about interesting old objects? ________

3) see where members of the royal family live? ________

4) go on exciting rides? ________

5) get a great view of a city? ________

6) see fish and sharks? ________

7) see unusual trees, plants and flowers? ________

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1) wildlife park   2) museum   3) palace   4) theme park

5) tower   6) aquarium   7) botanical gardens

3. Listen to four tourists booking excursions. Which type of attraction from exercises 1 and 2 does each tourist decide to visit?

Tourist 1 _____________

Tourist 2 _____________

Tourist 3 _____________

Tourist 4 _____ Time: _____

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1) castle   2) market

3) temple   4) harbour  evening


see exercise 4.

4. Listen again. Complete the sentences with the adjectives below. There are four extra adjectives.

atmospheric      beautiful      busy      crowded

disappointing      expensive      impressive      peaceful

remote      romantic      spectacular      touristy

1)  a I imagine it’s quite ______________

b The ruins are far more ______________ at night.

2)  a The market looks ______________

b The market isn’t as ______________ on Fridays.

3)  a All the temples are more ______________ these days.

b And the excursion is quite ______________, I’m afraid: £30.

4)  a The evening excursion is much less ______________

b And it’s more ______________, in opinion.

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1) a atmospheric  2) b spectacular   

2) a beautiful 3) b crowded

3) a touristy  5) b expensive   

4) a busy 6) b romantic



Woman I’d like to book an excursion.

Touristinformationofficer Of course. Do you know which one you’re interested in?

W Well, husband and I both like history, so we thought maybe the castle ___ I imagine it’s quite atmospheric?

TIO Yes, it is. There’s also a night-time excursion to the Roman ruins.

W A night-time excursion? At night?

TIO Yes. The ruins are far more spectacular at night.

W No, no. I like to be in bed by 9 o’clock. The castle sounds much better.


Man Hi. I’m interested in booking an excursion for tomorrow.

Touristinformationofficer Certainly. What did you have in mind?

m Well, the market looks beautiful. And I want to see the harbour too.

TIO Well, I suggest going to the market tomorrow.

m Really? Why’s that?

TIO Tomorrow is Friday. The market isn’t as crowded on Fridays. At weekends, it’s really busy – too busy, in opinion.

m OK. Thanks for the advice. I’ll go to the market.


Woman Can I book an excursion, please?

Touristinformationofficer Yes, certainly. Which one are you thinking of?

W Well, I went to this temple twenty years ago. I’d really like to see it again.

TIO No problem. Twenty years ago, eh? It’s probably a bit different now.

W Really? In what way?

TIO All the temples are more touristy these days.

W Yes, yes. I suppose so.

TIO And the excursion is quite expensive, I’m afraid: £30.

W But I’d like to go there anyway.


Man Oh, hello. Can I ask about your excursion to the harbour?

Touristinformationofficer Yes, of course. What would you like to know?

m Well, there’s a morning excursion and one in the evening. Which do you recommend?

TIO They’re both great. The evening excursion is much less busy.

m I see.

TIO And it’s more romantic, in opinion.

m OK. I’ll go for the evening excursion.

Extra exercises

1. What tourist attractions would these people like to see? Match the attractions below to the people (1-8).

aquarium      botanical gardens      harbour      market

palace      national park      temple      theme park

1) Your friend loves old buildings and stories of kings and queens.


2) Your cousin likes watching boats coming and going.


3) Your mother wants to shop for local goods.


4) Your friend enjoys going to fast, scary rides.


5) Your aunt is interested in rare plants and flowers.


6) Your brother wants to see exotic fish and sea creatures.


7) Your uncle likes visiting religious buildings.


8) Your sister wants to see beautiful countryside preserved in its natural state.


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1) palace   2) harbour   3) market   4) theme park

5) botanical gardens   6) aquarium   7) temple

8) safari park

2. Steve is writing in his journal about a place he is visiting. Complete the journal entry with the words below.

atmospheric      cheap      crowded      disappointing

historic      impressive      remote      touristy

We’ve been here for two days. We’re staying in a 1) _____. hotel. It was built in the 17th century. The public rooms are very 2) _____, with lots of valuable furniture and paintings. But after seeing those, the bedrooms are 3) _____. – very small and dark. It’s not 4) _____. either. It costs much more money than I planned to spend! The location of the hotel is rather 5) _____, so you have to hire a car or motorbike to get to town. Most of the town is very 6) _____. With narrow alleys and old stone houses, it sometimes feels like you’re in a film. The main market, though, is extremely 7) _____. You can only buy silly hats, scarves and ‘hand-mad’ dolls. The market and the main square are also very 8) _____. It’s almost impossible to walk around because of all the people.

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1) historic   2) impressive   3) disappointing   4) cheap

5) remote   6) atmospheric   7) touristy   8) crowded

3. Complete the compound nouns in the sentences with the words below.

burn      cream      friend      glasses      guide      pack      site

1) I put on plenty of sun ________, but I still got sun ________!

2) I bought a lovely pair of sun ________ at the market. I’m going to wear them on the beach.

3) The camp ________ was full, so we had to sleep in our car.

4) back ________ was so heavy I could barely walk!

5) I went to Manchester to meet pen ________ from primary school.

6) I never carry a travel ________ because I like to discover things on own.

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1) cream, burn   2) club   3) site   4) pack

5) friend   6) guide

4. Complete the words.

1) You can see famous paintings here.


2) There’s lots of singing and dancing in the street.


3) You can hear lots of different bands and singers here.


4) You can see plays and shows here.


5) It’s a large, open space in a town, with buildings around.


6) It’s the part of the town with lots of historic buildings.

  o________ t________

7) You can see exotic animals here.

     s________ p________

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1) art gallery   2) carnival   3) festival   4) theatre

5) square   6) old town   7) national park