English Vocabulary Exercises for A2 – Weather

1. Complete the adjectives that describe the weather in the pictures.


It’s 1 thundery and 2 c_______.


It’s 3 s_______ and 4 f_______.


It’s 5 f_______ and 6 i_______.


It’s 7 s_______ and 8 w_______.


It’s hot and 9 s_______.


It’s cold and 10 r_______.

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2) cloudy 3) snowy  4) frosty  5) foggy 6) icy

7) stor  8) windy  9) sunny  10) rainy

2. Write the nouns for the adjectives in exercise 1.

1) thunder

2) _____

3) _____

4) _____

5) _____

6) _____

7) _____

8) _____

9) _____

10) _____

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2) cloud  3) snow  4) frost 5) fog  6) ice 7) storm

8) wind  9) sun 10) rain

3. Complete the text with the words below.

blow      claps      flashes      raindrops      storm clouds

sunshine      thunderstorm

There was a terrible 1) _________ yesterday evening. We saw big, dark grey 2) _________ in the distance. Then a strong wind started to 3) _________ and it began to rain heavily – huge 4) _________ fell from the sky. We got incredibly wet! There were 5) _________ of lightning and loud 6) _________ of thunder. It was quite scary. But then the storm passed and there was bright 7) _________!

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1) thunderstorm 2) storm clouds  3) blow

4) raindrops 5) flashes 6) claps  7) sunshine

4. Number the adjectives in order from hottest (1) to coldest (7).

cold        hot        sweltering        cool

mild       warm         freezing

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1) sweltering 2) hot 3) warm 4) mild 5) cool

6) cold 7) freezing

5. Write the temperatures in words.

1) -5°       It’s minus five.

2) 26°C    It’s twenty-six degrees Celsius.

3) -15°C   ________.

4) 14°C    ________.

5) -7°C     ________.

6) 32°       ________.

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3) It’s minus fifteen.

4) It’s fourteen degrees (Celsius).

5) It’s minus seven.

6) It’s thirty-two degrees (Celsius).

6. Listen to people describing the weather. Complete each sentence with one word from exercises 1, 2 or 3.

1)  a It was rainy all morning.

b It was ______________ in the afternoon.

2)  a There was thick ______________

b There was ______________ on the road.

3)  a Most of the day the sky was ______________

b It was mild and ______________

4)  a There was ______________ on the grass.

b In the afternoon it was ______________ and ______________

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1 b sunny 2)  a fog b ice 3)  a cloudy b thundery

4)  a frost b windy, snowy


1) Yesterday morning the weather was terrible. It started to rain just after breakfast and it only stopped at about one o’clock. But then the sun came out and we spent the afternoon sunbathing in the park.

2) When we drove to school this morning, it was really foggy. It was so thick that we could only see about 20 metres ahead. Not only that, the road was really icy and slippery because the temperature in the night was about minus ten degrees Celsius. The bus driver had to drive really slowly and carefully.

3) It was school sports day yesterday. Unfortunately the sky was quite cloudy for most of the day and the sun didn’t shine at all. It was quite mild and we heard some crashes of thunder, but luckily it didn’t rain.

4) I went to play football in the park with some friends on Sunday morning. It was a lovely clear day but it was freezing cold and very frosty. There wasn’t any snow but the grass was completely white! Then in the afternoon the weather changed. The wind started to blow and it snowed quite heavily. By the evening there was about 10 centimetres of snow on the ground.

7. Write a paragraph describing the weather one day last week. Write 15-30 words.









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Extra exercises

1. Complete the sentences with the correct words related to the words in bold.

1) The sky is full of clouds . It’s very cloudy.

2) It’s snowing ! Did you know that every ________. is a different shape and pattern?

3) It’s a frosty morning. There’s ________. all over the car.

4) There were showers yesterday. It was a ________. day.

5) This is a sunny climate. The sun ________. every day.

6) I like ________. weather. Things look pretty in the mist .

7) What a thunderstorm ! Did you hear that big ________. of thunder?

8) This is a windy area. The ________. blows all the time.

9) There was a hailstorm this morning and now there is ________. on the ground.

10) It’s very foggy this morning. Be careful – ________. is really dangerous when you’re driving.

11) It’s icy today. There’s a lot of ________. on the roads.

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1) cloudy 2) frost  3) showery 4) snowflake  5) shines

6) misty 7) crash / clap 8) wind 9) hail  10) fog 11) ice

2. Complete the sentences with the words below. Use each word only once.

cold      cool      freezing      hot      mild      sweltering

1) The temperature was -20°C. It was ________.!

2) San Diego has a ________. climate. The average temperature is 23°C.

3) It was a ________. day, it was so hot we couldn’t go out.

4) The city is warm in the summer, but it’s always pleasantly ________. by the sea.

5) It’s too ________. in this house. It’s only 10°C!

6) It’s a bit ________. in the classroom. Let’s open the window.

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1) freezing 2) mild 3) sweltering 4) cool  5) cold  6) hot

3. Choose the correct answers to complete the sentences.

1) We gave money to a charity to provide food during the ________.

a hurricane        b famine        c mudslide

2) After the dry summer, heavy rain caused ________. in the mountains.

a mudslides        b eruptions        c epidemics

3) I was on the twentieth floor during the ________. The whole building was shaking!

a tsunami   b famine        c earthquake

4) After a year with no rain, there was a serious ________.

a drought        b tsunami        c flood

5) Mount Vesuvius is famous for its many ________.

a epidemics b forest fires      c volcanic eruptions

6) We can’t control this ________. without medicine.

a forest fire        b epidemic        c avalanche

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1)2) a  3)4) a  5)6) b

4. Complete the texts with the words below.

approached      headed      landed      reach      spun      took off

a The plane 1) _____. from the airport and rose into the air. A few minutes later, the pilot noticed a problem with one of the engines. He turned round and 2) _____. back to the airport. Luckily, the plane 3) _____. safely on the ground.

b As the car 4) _____. the red traffic light, it slowed down. But there was ice on the road and it 5) _____. round and round. We were standing on the pavement nearby, but luckily the car didn’t 6) _____. us – it stopped just two metres away.

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1) took off  2) headed  3) landed  4) approached

5) spun 6) reach

5. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1) The roadsignpedestriancrossing informed us that we were near a school and should drive slowly.

2) I saw a billboardshopsign advertising a pop concert.

3) The firehydrantlamppost outside flat shines light into sitting room.

4) It’s a good idea not to drive to town this week because of the pedestriancrossingroadworks .

5) For some reason, the drivers often pass this trafficlightbusstop without picking up passengers.

6) It’s annoying when people ride their bikes on the pavementstreetcorner .

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1) road sign 2) billboard  3) lamp post

4) road works  5) bus stop 6) pavement