English Vocabulary Exercises for A2 – Spending power

1. Listen and write the numbers. Use the correct symbols: £, €, $ and ¥.

a €1,000,000

b ____ __..

c ____ __..

d ____ __..

e ____ __..

f ____ __..

g ____ __..

h ____ __..

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b $750,000   c 100 zl   d ¥4.6 million   e ¥6,900

f £2.5 billion   g $2,500   h €999,000


a a million euros

b seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars

c one hundred złoty

d four point six million yen

e six thousand nine hundred yen

f two and a half billion pounds

g two and a half thousand dollars

h nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand euros

2. Where can you buy these things? Complete the names of the shops with the correct words.


1) D________.. s________..


2) b________..


3) g________..


4) b________..


5) c________.. s________..


6) c________.. s________..


7) g________.. c________..


8) p________.. o________..


9) s________.. s________..


10) s________..

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1) DIY store   2) baker’s   3) greengrocer’s   4) butcher’s

5) clothes shop   6) cosmetics store   7) garden centre

8) post office   9) shoe shop   10) stationer’s

3. Where can you do these things? Complete the answers with the words below.

bank      charity shop      deli (delicatessen)      estate agent’s

launderette      DIY store      optician’s      takeaway

Where can you ___

1) buy cold meat, cheese, olives, etc.? ______________

2) buy a hot meal to eat at home? ______________

3) keep your money? ______________

4) get glasses for your eyes? ______________

5) buy cheap second-hand things? ______________

6) find houses and flats for sale? ______________

7) wash your clothes? ______________

8) buy things to decorate your house? ______________

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1) deli (delicatessen)   2) takeaway   3) bank

4) optician’s   5) charity shop   6) estate agent’s

7) launderette   8) off-licence

4. Listen to four dialogues. Which shops are the people in?

1) _________

2) _________

3) _________

4) _________

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1) newsagent’s   2) florist’s

3) jeweller’s   4) chemist’s



Customer I’d like a large bar of chocolate, please.

Newsagent Is this one big enough?

c Yes! How much is it?

n £2. It’s on special offer.

c OK. I’ll take it.

n Anything else?

c Yes, I’m looking for a copy of a magazine called Stamp Collectors’ Monthly. Have you got it?

n I’m afraid we don’t keep it in stock, no. I’ll order it for you, if you like.

c Thanks. When will it come in?

n In about three days, maybe four.


Florist Hi. Can I help you?

Customer Yes. I’d like to buy a bouquet for wife. It’s our anniversary.

f Congratulations! How much are you hoping to spend?

c I’m not sure ___ £20?

f OK. I’ll see what I can do for that.

c Actually, I’m in a hurry. Have you got anything that’s ready to buy now?

f We’ve got these two. They’re both quite nice. The larger one includes these beautiful red roses.

c How much is it?

f It’s £28.

c I’ll take the smaller one, please.

f Certainly.


Jeweller Can I help you?

Customer Yes. I’m looking for a watch.

j Is it a gift?

c Yes, for daughter. It’s her 18th birthday.

j Have you seen anything you like?

c There’s one in the window. The gold one – it’s on the left.

j OK. I’ll get it for you, so you can have a closer look.

c Thanks. Yes, this is nice. I’ll take it.

j You can change it if she doesn’t like it ___ as long as you keep the receipt.

c Oh, OK.

j I’ll put the receipt in the bag.

c Thanks.


Chemist Can I help you?

Customer Yes, I’ve got a terrible headache and I need some painkillers.

c Well, we’ve got ibuprofen or paracetamol.

c I’ll have the ibuprofen, please.

c Sixteen tablets or thirty-two?

c Sixteen is enough.

c That’s £1.99, please. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet.

c OK, thanks.

5. Complete the dialogues with the words below.

1bargain      discount      price tag      sale

Emma Are those jeans new?

Kelly Yes, I bought them in a 1) _____

Emma How much were they?

Kelly Well, I looked at the 2) _____ and it said £45. But when I got to the till, the sales assistant gave me a £20 3) _____, so they were only £25.

Emma That was a 4) _____!

2coupon      receipt      refund      special offer

Fred I’d like to buy this scarf, please. Can I use this 5) _____? It says I can have a £5 discount.

Salesassistant No, I’m afraid you can only use it on full-price items. This scarf is already on 6) _____

Fred OK. I’ll buy it anyway. Actually, it’s a present. If friend doesn’t like it, can she bring it back and get a 7) _____?

Salesassistant Yes, if you give her the 8) _____

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1) sale   2) price tag   3) discount   4) bargain

5) coupon   6) special offer   7) refund   8) receipt

Extra exercises

1. Match the places below with items 1-8 on the shopping list.

baker's      cosmetics store      deli      florist’s      greengrocer’s

newsagent’s      post office      stationer’s

1) 2 loaves of bread   ________

2) fresh vegetables for salad   ________

3) eye make-up & lipstick   ________

4) bouquet of flowers   ________

5) stamps   ________

6) envelopes & writing paper   ________

7) sliced cheese   ________

8) magazines   ________

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1) baker’s   2) greengrocer’s   3) cosmetics store

4) florist’s   5) post office   6) stationer’s   7) deli

8) newsagent’s

2. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1) They’re selling jeans with a 50% ______.

a bargain        b discount        c refund

2) I took the shoes back to the shop and got a ______. because they were badly made.

a price tag        b sale        c refund

3) You must have a ______. to get your money back for returned items.

a receipt        b coupon        c bargain

4) ‘These shoes were only £15.’ ‘What a ______.!’

a bargain        b special        c price tag

5) The ______. said £25, but I only paid £18 for it.

a coupon        b price tag        c sale

6) I know I could save money using ______., but I always forget to take them with me when I go to the shops!

a special offers        b receipts        c coupons

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1) b   2) c   3) a   4) a   5) b   6) c

3. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

1) Why do they ask so much money for these clothes? (charge)

 Why ________.?

2) The bank agreed to temporarily give me some money. (lend)

 The bank ________.

3) Do you really make enough money to buy a new car? (earn)

 Do you really ________.

4) I don’t have enough money to buy those shoes. (afford)

 I ________.

5) He buys things and never uses them. He’s throwing money away! (waste)

 He buys things and never uses them. He ________.

6) I’m going to find someone to buy car. I hardly ever use it. (sell)

 I ________. I hardly ever use it.

7) I’m putting money away so I can go on holiday. (save up)

 I ________. on holiday.

8) I don’t know why, but I don’t have any more money this month. (run out)

     I don’t know why, but I ________. this month.

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1) do they charge so much for these clothes

2) agreed to lend me some money.

3) earn enough to buy a new car

4) can’t afford those shoes

5) is wasting money

6) am going to sell car

7) am saving up so I can go

8) have run out of money

4. Complete the sentences with the words below.

CEO      contract      entrepreneur      funding

income      investors      profit      salary

1) She gets a very good ________. from her investments, so she doesn’t need to work.

2) The starting ________. for this job is £21,000 per year.

3) He is the ________. of the company and is responsible for every decision that is made.

4) Our company is going to make a big ________. this year, so we’re very pleased.

5) When she started her company, she found some very generous ________. who put in a lot of money.

6) I am too careful to be an ____________ . I don’t like risk!

7) He asks his solicitor to read through every new ________. before he agrees to sign it.

8) We got the ________. for our project from a company that helps new businesses get started.

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1) income   2) salary   3) CEO   4) profit   5) investors

6) entrepreneur   7) contract   8) funding