English Vocabulary Exercises for A2 – Likes and dislikes

1. Look at the pictures and complete the chart with the phrases below. Then complete sentences 1-5 with the information from the chart.

I love      I don’t like      I don’t mind      I like      I can’t stand

I hate      I’m really keen on


1) I can’t stand ______________

2) I’m really keen on ______________

3) ___________ chess.

4) ___________ football.

5) ___________ video games.

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1) swimming   2) dancing   3) I don’t mind

4) I like   5) I don’t like

2. Complete the dialogue with the phrases below. More than one answer may be possible.

can't stand      hate      don’t mind      quite like      really keen      love

terrible      isn’t bad      is great

Kim So, are you excited about the start of school?

Dave No, I’m not really excited. I 1) _________ school, but it’s not favourite thing in the world.

Kim We’re very different. I 2) _________ school! I really enjoy learning new things. What subjects do you like?

Dave3) _________ IT, because I’m interested in computers. And there’s one subject I really enjoy – drama. I’m 4) _________ on drama. I think acting 5) _________

Kim Really? We’re very different that way too. I 6) _________ drama. I just get too scared in front of people. What do you think of maths?

Dave I really don’t like it. Actually, I 7) _________ maths! I just can’t understand it. It’s 8) _________!

Kim   Different again! I like maths, and I enjoy science a lot too.

Dave OK, science 9) _________ It’s actually kind of interesting.

Kim   Well, I’m happy we agree on something ___

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1) don’t mind   2) love   3) don’t mind / quite like

4) really keen   5) is great   6) can’t stand / hate

7) can’t stand / hate   8) terrible   9) isn’t bad

3. Read definitions 1-9 and match them with the activities below.

cycling      volleyball      chess      ice hockey      board games

basketball      swimming      drawing      video games

1) a game where you bounce a ball and try to throw it through a hoop ________

2) making pictures with a pencil or pen ________

3) exercising in water ________

4) a game with 32 pieces on a board, including a king and queen ________

5) games with pieces that you play on a table ________

6) games you play on a computer or TV screen ________

7) riding a bike ________

8) a game you play on ice with a long stick ________

9) a game where you hit a ball with your hands over a high net ________

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1) basketball   2) drawing   3) swimming   4) chess

5) board games   6) video games   7) cycling

8) ice hockey   9) volleyball

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