English Vocabulary Exercises for A2 – How do you feel?

1. Look at the pictures and complete the puzzle with adjectives to describe feelings.



What is the stery word? ________

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1) excited   2) relieved   3) cross   4) anxious   5) proud

6) suspicious   7) bored   8) frightened   9) envious

10) upset   11) confused   12) shocked

stery word: disappointed

2. Which adjective best describes each person’s feeling? Use the adjectives below.

anxious      delighted      embarrassed      frightened

proud      relieved      shocked      upset

1) The waiter was really rude to me when I asked for a glass of water. I was a bit shocked.

2) I got a new smartphone for birthdays. I was ________.

3) dad started to dance at party and all friends saw him! I was really ________.!

4) little brother won a singing competition. I was very ________.

5) Our dog is very old and is really ill. I think he might die. We’re very ________.

6) I’ve got a difficult, important exam tomorrow. I’m feeling a little bit ________.

7) I went on the tallest, fastest ride at the theme park. I was really ________.

8) I left mobile on the bus, but someone found it. I was extremely ________.

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2) delighted   3) embarrassed   4) proud   5) upset

6) anxious   7) frightened   8) relieved

3. Listen. How are the people feeling? Choose from the adjectives below. There are two extra adjectives.

ashamed      cross      delighted      envious      relieved      suspicious

Speaker 1  _____.

Speaker 2  _____.

Speaker 3  _____.

Speaker 4  _____.

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1) relieved   2) suspicious   3) envious   4) ashamed



The other team weren’t very good and we quickly scored three goals. But then we relaxed, I think. We thought ‘This is easy! We’re going to win. No problem at all.’ But then, in the second half, the other team scored three goals, so it was 3–3. And there were only five minutes left. But luckily we managed to score in the last minute and win the match.


I arranged to meet boyfriend Jake last night but he texted an hour before and said sorry, he was busy. I texted back: ‘Busy? What are you doing?’ ‘I’m staying in. Really sorry. See you tomorrow,’ he said. But then Sally saw him in town with Lizzie. That’s what she said anyway. So, did he stay in? I don’t know.


There’s a boy in class who’s good at everything. He gets top marks in all the subjects and he doesn’t seem to work very hard. He’s also very good at sport and is captain of the football team. And he’s good looking and popular with the girls! How does he do it?!


I had a really bad argument with sister last night. She borrowed jeans without asking me and I got a bit cross, and she got very upset. I was just tired and wasn’t feeling very well. It was silly because we often borrow clothes from each other. I feel so bad about it. I’m going to apologise straight away when I get home.

4. Complete the sentences with your own words.

1) I feel confused when ________

2) I feel bored when ________

3) I feel proud when ________

4) I feel excited when ________

5) I feel disappointed when ________

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your own asnwers

Extra exercises

1. Complete the sentences with the words below.

anxious      cross      disappointed      embarrassed      envious      relieved

1) Ted was very ________. before his exams, but in the end he got excellent marks.

2) I’m so ________. to know that you’re OK and that you didn’t get hurt in the accident.

3) I work all summer, so I’m ________. of people who can take the summer off.

4) Sam was ________. that he didn’t win the race, but he was happy that he took part in it.

5) She was extremely ________. when she forgot the words to the song in front of hundreds of people.

6) I’m sorry I was ________. with you. I had a very bad day.

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1) anxious   2) relieved   3) envious   4) disappointed

5) embarrassed   6) cross

2. Replace the underlined words in the sentences with the words below.

bored      confused      delighted      excited      frightened      suspicious

1) She was scared when her car broke down on a lonely country road at night.  ________.

2) I am really unsure about his instructions. Now I have no idea what to do!  ________.

3) The film made us so uninterested that we went home before it finished.  ________.

4) I’m very enthusiastic about studying abroad next year.  ________.

5) Alice was very happy that so many of her friends called her on her birthday.  ________.

6) I don’t want to be unwilling to believe, but do you think Alan is telling the truth?  ________.

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1) frightened   2) confused   3) bored   4) excited

5) delighted   6) suspicious

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs below.

give      have      make      take (x2)      tell

1) You look really tired! You should stop revising and ________. a break.

2) To ________. the truth, I’m a bit bored with this TV programme.

3) Do you think we could ________. a word with the teacher about our homework? I don’t really understand it.

4) Don’t ________. offence at everything people say. It’s better to ignore negative comments.

5) We need to ________. a plan for the party next week, otherwise we won’t be prepared.

6) Can you ________. me a call tomorrow? I’ll have more time to talk then.

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1) take   2) tell   3) have   4) take   5) make   6) give

4. Complete the sentences. Choose the correct verb and use the past simple.

1) ‘What happened to your hand? It’s very red.’

   ‘I ________. (bleed / burn) it while I was cooking.’

2) ‘Why is your ankle in a bandage?’ ‘I ________. (trip / sprain) it while I was playing football.’

3) ‘Why is your arm in a cast?’ ‘I ________. (fall over / injure) and ________. (break / burn) it while I was hiking.’

4) ‘What are you doing on the floor?’ ‘I ________. (slip / trip) over on some spilled water.’

5) ‘Why is there blood on your coat?’ ‘I ________. (cut / sprain) hand this morning!’

6) ‘Your hand is all blue.’ ‘I know. I ________. (burn / hurt) it doing karate.’

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1) burned   2) sprained   3) fell over, broke   4) slipped   5) cut   6) hurt

5. Choose the correct answers.

1) If you don’t ________ help, how can people know you need it?

a ask for      b find out      c get over

2) I know you’re upset now, but I’m sure you’ll ________ it in time.

a get on      b get over      c get back

3) Did you ________ when the test is? I still don’t know the date.

a talk about      b ask for      c find out

4) I know he’s embarrassed by what he did, but he needs to ________ his mistakes.

a see to      b own up to      c look at

5) When you finish using tablet, please could you ________ on desk?

a put it back      b take it back      c get it over

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1) a   2) b   3) c   4) b   5) a

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