English Speaking Exercises for A2 – Photo comparison

1. Complete the phrases with the words below. Tick the phrases that are used for describing differences.

both      can      contrast      first      obvious

photos      second      theme      Unlike

1) Both ________. show ___

2) In ________. to the first photo, the second photo ___

3) In ________. photos, there are ___

4) In the first photo ___ , but in the ________. photo, ___

5) One ________. difference is (that) ___

6) The common ________. in the photos is ___

7) The ________. photo shows ___ , whereas the second photo shows ___

8) _____. the first photo, the second photo shows ___

9) You ________. see ___ in both photos.

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2. Look at photos A and B and complete the description with the words below.

children      country      enjoying      fun      judging      jumping

must      see      shows      throwing      wearing

The first photo 1) _____. two little girls. They are in the 2) _____, walking on a path. It 3) _____. be raining because the path is very wet and muddy. In the second photo I can 4) _____. a man and a woman. They are playing in the snow.

Both photos show two people having 5) _____. in bad weather. In the first photo, the girls are 6) _____. in a puddle. In the second photo, the man is 7) _____. a snowball at the woman. You can see trees in both photos. In both photos, the people are 8) _____. warm coats. The obvious difference is that they are 9) _____. in the first photo, but adults in the second. 10) _____. by their expressions, I’d say they are 11) _____. themselves.


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Speaking Strategy

When you do a photo comparison task, follow these steps:

1) Describe each photo in general (e.g. mention the people, where they are, speculate about what is happening, etc.).

2) Describe any obvious differences or similarities between the photos.

3) Speculate about how the people in the photo are feeling, or what they are thinking or saying.

3. Read the Speaking Strategy and the task. Then write notes for your answer.

Describe and compare the two photos, C and D.


1) First photo: Description ______________

2) Second photo: Description ______________

3) Obvious difference and similarities ______________

4) How are the people feeling? ______________

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4. Now do the task from exercise 3 using your notes.

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