English Speaking Exercises for A2 – Photo comparison and presentation

1. Match the symbols (a-h) with the parts of the school (1-8) below.


1) canteen ___________

2) classroom ___________

3) gym ___________

4) language lab ___________

5) library ___________

6) playing field ___________

7) science lab ___________

8) toilets ___________

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1) C   2) G   3) D   4) F  5) B   6 A   7)8) H

2. Match the phrases below with categories A-D.

a Structuring your speech

b Ordering points or opinions

c Justifying your opinions

d Summing up your opinion

All in all, ___

First, ___ Second, ___ Finally, ___

First of all, we need to decide / examine / look at / ask ourselves ___

I’d like to start by saying / looking at ___

Just to summarise the main points ___

Now I’d like to move on to ___

Now let’s look at / move on to (the question of) ___

The main reason I feel this way is ___

There are a number of reasons why I believe this. First, ___

I’ll begin with ___

This leads to next point.

The reason I say that is ___

I’ll tell you why I think that.

To sum up, ___ In conclusion, ___

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3. Listen to a student presenting her answer to the task below.

The government does not spend enough money on schools. Do you agree? Why? / Why not?

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Speaking Strategy

When you are giving a short presentation, use set phrases to give opinions and justify them, and to structure your speech.

4. Read the Speaking Strategy. Then listen again. Which of the phrases in exercise 2 does the student use?

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5. Now prepare to do the task below. Make notes.



1) Describe one of the photos.

2) Compare it with the other.

3) ‘Only schools with a lot of money have good extra-curricular activities.’ Do you agree? Why? / Why not?

Describe one photo ________.

Compare it with the other ________.

Answer to question ________.

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6. Now do the task from exercise 5 using your notes.

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