Practice Listening English Exercises for A2 – City Transportation

Getting Ready

Check (✓) your own answers to the questions below and compare them with a partner.

How often do you use taxis?

every day

about once or twice a week

not very often

other: ______.

When do you usually use taxis?

when I am in a hurry

when there isn’t any other way to get somewhere

when it is raining

other: ______.

How is the taxi service in your city?

excellent very good okay poor

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Listening 1

People are talking about transportation. Listen and number the pictures.


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a 2   b 1   c 4   d 5   e 6   F 3



A: Are all your subways this nice?

B: Yeah. The city replaced all the subway cars last year.

A: Wow!


A: How much is the fare?

B: It’s $2.50. Just put your money in the box right there.

A: Oh, do you have change?

B: No, you need the exact change.


A: Are you free?

B: Sure. Hop in. Where to?

A: The Central Hotel. Do you know where that is?

B: Yeah. It’s not far from here. About a 10-minute ride.

A: Okay.


A:  One ticket to Chicago, please.

B:  Yeah. Okay. That’s $120.

A:  Does this one have a dining car?

B:  Yeah, there’s a dining car and a snack bar. Here’s your change.

A:  Thanks.


A:  What time is the next shuttle flight to Boston?

B:  It leaves in 30 minutes.

A:  Is it too late to get a ticket?

B:  No, you still have plenty of time to make it.

A:  Great. And how long is the flight?

B:  It’s about 45 minutes.


A:  Is that our ferry?

B:  I think so.

A:  Wow! I didn’t think it would be so big.

B:  Neither did I.

Listening 2

Task 1

Four hotel guests are calling for a taxi. Are these statements true or false? Listen and check (✓) the correct answer.



1) The caller’s flight leaves in four hours.

2) The caller wants to go to another hotel.

3) The caller needs to catch a train.

4) The caller’s friend is going to have a baby soon.

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1) False   2) False   3) True   4) False

Task 2

Listen again. How much will each ride cost? Circle the correct answer.

1)  a $14

b $40

2)  a $12

b $20

3)  a $15

b $50

4)  a $18

b $80

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1) b   2) b   3) a   4) a



A: City Cabs.

B:  Yes, I’d like a taxi to the airport, please. I’m at 421 Evergreen Street.

A: Certainly. For how many passengers?

B:  Just one. About how much will it cost?

A: It’s $40. Your taxi number is 6889.

B:  6889. Thanks. And will the taxi be here soon? I’m in a hurry because flight leaves in two hours.

A: It’ll be in front of your hotel in five minutes.

B:  Thanks.


A: City Cabs.

B: Could I have a taxi to the National Museum, please?

A: Sure. How many passengers are there?

B: There are three of us.

A: Okay.

B: And about how much is it to the museum from hotel – the American Inn, on Fourth Street?

A: It’ll be about $20.

B: That’s fine. And will it take long to get there? I’m in a hurry because the museum closes in two hours.

A: No problem. We’ll have you there by 3:30.

B: Great.

A: And let me give you your taxi number: 3556

B: Thanks.


A: City Cabs.

B: Yes. I need a taxi to the train station, please. I’m at 817 Iowa Avenue.

A: For how many passengers?

B: Just me.

A: Sure. And do you want it right now?

B: Yes. As soon as you can, please. I’m in a hurry. I have to catch a train.

A: What time is your train?

B: It’s at three o’clock.

A: No problem.

B: Oh, And how much is it from here by taxi?

A: It will be about $15.

B: Thanks.

A: And your taxi number will be 49178.


A: City Cabs.

B: Yes I’d like a cab to the hospital, please.

A: Sure. Do you have an emergency?

B: No, but I need to get there in a hurry. friend has just had a baby. I want to take her some flowers.

A: It won’t take long to get there. Is there just one passenger?

B: Yes, that’s right. Oh, and I’m at 120 First Avenue.

A: Okay. There’ll be a taxi at your door in three minutes. The taxi number is 5399.

B: Thanks. And about how much is the fare?

A: It’ll cost you about $18.

B: Thanks.

Listening 3

Task 1

Visitors are talking about taxis. Listen and check (✓) their opinions about taxi service.



Not good





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1) Not good   2) Good   3) Okay   4) Okay

Task 2

Listen again. Circle the correct answer.

1) The thing she hates the most is that the ________

a taxis aren’t air-conditioned

b drivers drive too fast

  c drivers are rude

2) The thing he likes the most is ________

a the prices

b that the taxis are clean

  c the drivers

3) The thing he hates the most is that the ________

a taxis are too expensive

b drivers don’t speak English very well

  c taxis are not very safe

4) The thing she likes the most is that the ________

a taxis are comfortable

b drivers speak English well

  c drivers take credit cards

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1) a   2) c   3) b   4) c



I hate using taxis here. The drivers drive too fast and really dangerously. And they’re often rude. The cars are mostly in pretty poor condition. But what I hate the most is that they aren’t air-conditioned. It’s so hot here. They really need air-conditioned taxis. By the time I arrive somewhere, I feel really hot and uncomfortable.


I’ve taken quite a few taxi rides recently. I’ve never had any big problems using taxis here. They’re usually clean, and the cars are pretty new. The prices are good, too. The thing I like most, though, is the drivers. They drive very carefully, and I think that’s very important.


I find that taxis here are okay. They’re pretty comfortable. Most of the cars they use are new, and they keep them pretty clean. They’re a little expensive, though. I paid $75 to come from the airport. That’s too expensive. I guess the thing I hate the most, though, is that the drivers don’t speak English very well. It’s very difficult to explain to them where you want to go.


The taxis here are okay, I guess. The drivers take credit cards. That’s the thing I like most about them. It’s really convenient. But the taxis are pretty old, so they’re not very comfortable. Half of them don’t have seat belts or air conditioning.

Conversation Corner: Asking about transportation

Task 1

Listen to the conversation. Write the missing words.

A: Where do you get the bus __________ ____?

B: I don’t take the bus.

A: Oh. How do you ____________?

B: I take the subway.

A: How often do you __________ ____?

B: I take it every day.

A: How much ____________?

B: It costs about $50 a month.

Task 2

Practice the conversation with a partner. Be sure to use the correct intonation.

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A: Where do you get the bus toschool ?

B: I don’t take the bus.

A: Oh. How do you get to school ?

B: I take the subway.

A: How often do you takeit ?

B: I take it every day.

A: How much does it cost ?

B: It costs about $50 a month.

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