English Listening Exercises for A2 – What’s up?

1. Listen to four people at the doctor’s. Complete their problem and the doctor’s advice.

1) Peter __has got red spots everywhere__

      He should ________

   He shouldn’t ________

2) Jane doesn’t ________

  Jane should ________ some medicine.

  She shouldn’t ________ outside.

3) Mark’s ear ________

   He ________ some cream on it.

   He ________ It.

4) Joe’s got ________

      He should ________

      He shouldn’t ________ tomorrow.

Show answers

1) stay in bed, touch the spots

2) feel well, take, go

3) itches, should put, shouldn’t touch

4) a sore throat, stay in bed, go to school



Doctor What’s the matter, Peter?

Peter I feel terrible. I’ve got red spots everywhere.

Doctor Oh dear. I think you should stay in bed. I’ll give you some medicine. You shouldn’t touch the spots.


Doctor What’s the matter, Jane?

Jane I don’t feel well, Dr Reed.

Doctor You’ve got a cold. You should take some medicine. And you shouldn’t go outside.


Doctor What’s the matter, Mark?

Mark ear itches. It’s terrible.

Doctor Let me see. Mmm. It’s very red. You should put some cream on it. And you shouldn’t touch it.


Doctor What’s the matter, Joe?

Joe I’ve got a sore throat. I feel terrible.

Doctor Oh dear. Your throat is very red. You should stay in bed. You shouldn’t go to school tomorrow.

2. Listen to Dave and Lily talking about their summer holidays. Are the statements true (✓) or false (✗)?

1) Dave must go to bed at half past eight.

2) Dave mustn’t talk after ten o’clock.

3) Lily doesn’t have to get up early.

4) Lily must go to bed early.

5) Dave must clean his room after breakfast.

6) Lily must do housework.

7) Dave mustn’t go out without an adult.

8) Lily mustn’t wake her grandfather up.

9) Lily doesn’t have to take the dog for a walk every day.

Show answers

1) ✗   2) ✓   3) ✓   4) ✗   5) ✗   6) ✗   7) ✓   8) ✓   9)


Lily What’s your holiday camp like, Dave?

Dave It’s OK, but there are a lot of rules. We must go to bed at half past nine and we mustn’t talk in bed after ten o’clock.

Lily Oh dear! It doesn’t sound like a holiday. I’m lucky. I don’t have to get up or go to bed early.

Dave And we must clean the kitchen after breakfast.

Lily That’s horrible! I don’t have to help with the housework.

Dave We mustn’t go out of the camp without an adult.

Lily There are only two rules here at grandparents’ house. I mustn’t wake grandfather up. He isn’t very well and he sleeps a lot. And I must take the dog for a walk every morning.

Dave Your grandparents are cool!

3. Listen to the dialogues and complete the sentences.

1) Maria is looking for her __mobile phone__

2) Tim was late because he got off the ____________ at the wrong station.

3) Ellie is looking at a ____________ of her parents.

4) Jordan hurt his head when he was trying out his new ____________

5) Tom took his ____________ out of his bag before he left home.

6) Oscar picked up an ____________

Show answers

2) train   3) photo   4) bike

5) camera   6) MP3 player



a What are you looking for, Maria?

b mobile phone. I can’t find it anywhere.


a You’re nearly two hours late, Tim! Where have you been?

b Sorry, Mum. I got off the train at the wrong station. I had to get another train back!


a What are you looking at, Ellie?

b It’s a photo of parents when they were young.

a Wow! Your mum was lovely!


a What’s the matter, Jordan?

b I was trying out new bike and I fell off. I’ve hurt head.


a I can’t find camera.

b Oh, Tom! You had it before we left home. You took it out of your bag. I saw you.

a Perhaps I left it at home.


a Is this your MP3 player, Tessie? I picked it up after the Maths class. It was on the floor near your chair.

b Thanks, Oscar. I looked everywhere for it.

4. Complete the dialogue with these expressions. Listen and check.

Wow      Yes, that’s true      Really      Oh, I see

Me, too      What do you mean

Jere Have you heard the news?

Eddie   1 __What do you mean__?

Jere They’re going to build a new shopping centre and cinema in our town.

Eddie   2 ___________?

Jere Yes. And also a sports centre with a swimming pool and outdoor tennis courts.

Eddie   3 _____! How do you know this?

Jere dad works for the company that’s going to build it.

Eddie   4 _____ That’ll be great. We’ll have somewhere to go after school, because now there’s nothing to do around here.

Jere5 ___________

Eddie   I can’t wait! I hope they build it soon!

Jere6 ___________

Show answers

2) Really

3) Wow

4) Oh, I see

5) Yes, that’s true

6) Me too

5. Listen to the dialogues. Match the reasons people give for refusing (a-f) to the suggestions (1-6).

1) have pizza for dinner.

2) go to the cinema

3) watch a DVD

4) go swimming

5) go to a disco

6) play a computer game

a He / She has to revise for a test.

b He / She hasn’t got time.

c He / She just doesn’t feel like it.

d He / She has got a headache.

e He / She is tired.

f He / She doesn’t feel very well.

Show answers

1) f    2) a   3)4) d   5)6) b



a Shall we have pizza for dinner?

b No, thanks. I don’t feel very well.


a Do you want to go to the cinema with me?

b I can’t. I have to revise for a test.


a Shall we watch a DVD?

b I don’t think I’ll bother. I’m tired.


a Shall we go swimming?

b No, I’ve got a headache today.


a I’m going to the disco. Do you want to come?

b No thanks.

a Why not?

b I just don’t feel like it.


a Shall we play a computer game?

b Sorry, but I haven’t got time.

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