English Listening Exercises for A2 – Times and places

1. What were Joe and his family doing at seven o’clock yesterday? Listen and draw.

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At seven o’clock yesterday, Joe was at home with his family. Joe and his mother were having breakfast. Joe’s cat Bilbo was sleeping. Joe’s father was in the bathroom. He was brushing his teeth.

2. Where were Alex’s family at 2 pm yesterday? Listen and match.

1) Alex

2) Mrs Bent

3) Mr Bent

4) Sarah

5) Baby Joe

6) Benton the dog

a kitchen

b library

c outside

d living room

e garage

f upstairs

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1) e   2)3)4) b   5) 6 c


1) Alex was repairing his bicycle in the garage.

2) Mrs Bent was watching TV in the living room.

3) Mr Bent was cooking dinner in the kitchen.

4) Sarah was reading in the library.

5) Baby Joe was sleeping upstairs.

6) Benton the dog was playing outside.

3. a   Complete the sentences with these words. Then put them in the correct order.

upload      stories      characters      sort of

round      himself      called      go out

__   Layla shows Chloe her new computer game 1) __called__ Virtual Soap.

__   You can also 2) _____ your own photo and be one of the 3) _____

..1..   It’s Sunday morning, the day after James’s party, and Chloe goes 4) _____ to Layla’s place.

__   Then she thinks about Dylan, because she really wanted to dance with him, but she couldn’t, because he was the DJ.

__   Sophia is a student and she wants to 5) _____ with Matt Daytona.

__   Chloe asks Layla if she likes boys called Matt, because she was dancing with Matt Jenkins a lot at James’s party.

__   Layla is going to be Sophia Harris.

__   It’s a 6) _____ soap opera and you can change the characters and make your own 7) _____

__   Layla tells Chloe that Matt only talked about 8) _____ all evening.

b   Listen and check.

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2) upload

3) characters

4) round

5) go out

6) sort of

7) stories

8) himself

Order of sentences: 2, 4, 1, 9, 6, 7, 5, 3, 8