English Listening Exercises for A2 – The future

1. A reporter is talking to an engineer from the space hotel company about their new hotel. Listen and choose a, b or c.

1) Which is the space hotel?

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2) Where will the hotel’s orbit be?

a around the Earth      b around the Sun

     c around the Moon

3) How many rooms will the hotel have?

a ten      b fifty      c a hundred

4) How many restaurants will it have?

a one      b two      c three

5) In the evening, people will ___

a go to the cinema.      b watch TV.

     c listen to music.

6) What sport will people do?

a tennis      b running

    c basketball

7) Who will work in the hotel?

a people and robots      b only people

  c only robots

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1) b  2)3)4) b  5)6) b  7) c


Reporter What will the hotel look like?

Engineer Well, it will look like a large bicycle wheel, but inside it will be a normal hotel.

Reporter Will it be in the Moon’s orbit?

Engineer No, it won’t. The hotel will be in the Earth’s orbit.

Reporter How many rooms will the hotel have?

Engineer There will be a hundred bedrooms.

Reporter What about food? Where will people eat?

Engineer There will be two restaurants – a pizza restaurant and an expensive restaurant – and three cafés.

Reporter What about the evening? Will it have activities for visitors?

Engineer Of course, it will have a big cinema with loads of great films.

Reporter Will it have a sports centre for tennis and basketball?

Engineer It won’t be possible to play tennis or basketball, but there will be running machines.

Reporter Who will work in the space hotel?

Engineer There won’t be any people. All the workers will be robots, like me.

Reporter Oh!

2. Listen and complete the dialogues.

1) Do you fancy a __snack__

 Yes, please. __I’ll have__ a sandwich.

2) Do you want to __________ later?

  Good idea. I __________ at the pool at 4.30.

3) The ________ It won’t be for me.

      OK. I __________ it.

4) We haven’t got any ________

 All right. I __________ some.

5) Have you got Maggie’s __________?

 Yes. I __________ it to you.

6) It’s __________ on Saturday.

     Don’t worry. I __________

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2) go swimming, ’ll meet you

3) phone’s ringing, ’ll answer

4) milk, ’ll get

5) telephone number, ’ll text

6) Dad’s birthday, won’t forget

3. Jason is talking about his future. Listen and choose the correct answers.

1) I want to be an astronaut / a pilot / a Science teacher .

2) I think I’ll go to university / teach Science / work in a museum .

3) I want to get married when I’m twenty-five / twenty-seven / twenty-nine .

4) I hope partner will be kind / intelligent / quiet.

5) I want to be rich / famous / important.

6) I want to live in a village / small town / big city .

7) I think that life in the future will be more difficult / worse / easier.

8) I think that people will live longer / live in space / live on other planets .

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2) go to university

3) twenty-seven

4) kind

5) important

6) big city

7) easier

8) live longer


Hi, name’s Jason. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut, because I like reading about different planets and space travel. At school, favourite subject is science and I often go to the Space Museum near home. When I leave school, I think I’ll go to university and I’ll learn to fly a plane. Later, I think I’ll travel into space.

I don’t want to get married too soon, so I think I’ll wait until I’m twenty-seven. I hope partner will be a kind and friendly woman. I don’t want to be rich or famous, but I want to be important. I also want to live in a big city, not in a village or a small town.

I don’t think that the world will change very much. We’ll probably have electric cars and bigger, faster planes. I think that life will be easier and people will live longer. We’ll build space stations on other planets, but people won’t live there or anything like that.

4. Complete the dialogue with the words. Listen and check.

latest      having     decorated      ill

borrowed      number      like      make

Matt What do you think of the party?

Layla It’s great. We’re 1) __having__ a good time!

Matt Why is Dylan the DJ?

Layla The other DJ couldn’t 2) _____ it, he’s 3) _____ But Dylan 4) _____ his equipment and CDs.

Matt Brilliant! I like this slow 5) _____ Do you like it?

Layla No, I prefer fast songs. And this one is old. I like the 6) _____ music.

Matt Did you help organize the party?

Layla Yes. Chloe and I 7) _____ the room.

Matt Great! Would you 8) _____ a drink?

Layla Yes, please.

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2) make   3) ill   4) borrowed   5) number

6) latest   7) decorated   8) like