English Listening Exercises for A2 – Cities

1. Listen to Brad describing his photographs of London. Number the places in the order he visited them.

__   Buckingham Palace

__   Hyde Park

__   The River Thames

__   The Olympic Stadium

__   The Natural History Museum

..1..   Tower Bridge

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2) Buckingham Palace

3) The Natural History Museum

4) Hyde Park

5) The Olympic Stadium

6) The River Thames


I took some photos of Tower Bridge on the first day. I took this photo of the bridge from the bus. After that we went to Buckingham Palace. You can see the Queen’s flag in the photo. It means that the Queen was in the palace. On the second day, I went to the Natural History Museum. I took this photo of the dinosaurs at the museum. Then we went to Hyde Park. It’s the biggest park in London and I took this photo there. On the last day, we visited the Olympic Stadium. I saw the stadium on television in 2012, so it was fun to visit it. Then, we went on a boat trip on the River Thames. This is a photo of the river near the O2 centre.

2. Match the expressions to the pictures. Listen and check.

1) i  

Go round the roundabout.

2) __

It’s opposite the station

3) __

It’s on the corner.

4) __

Go past the bus stop.

5) __

Go along this street till you come to some traffic lights.

6) __

Take the first turning on the left.

7) __

Take the second turning on the right.

8) __

It’s on the left.

9) __

It’s on the right.

10) __

Go over the bridge.

11) __

Go under the bridge

12) __

It’s on the other side of the river.


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2)3) l   4) b   5) f   6) a   7) k   8) d   9) h

10) g   11) c   12) j

3. Listen and label the picture.


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2) a dream / a bridge

3) a / the pavement

4) a spade

5) a wooden box

6) gold and silver


1) The poor tailor fell asleep under the old oak tree in his garden.

2) While he was sleeping, he had a dream. In his dream a voice told him to go to London Bridge.

3) The tailor was sitting on the pavement on London Bridge when a shopkeeper spoke to him.

4) When he got home, he took a spade and started to dig under the oak tree.

5) Suddenly, his spade hit something. It was a wooden box.

6) The tailor opened the wooden box. There was gold and silver in it. He was rich!

4. Complete the dialogue with indefinite pronouns. Listen and check.

I had a strange experience last night.

What happened?

Well, I was alone at home. 1) __Everybody__ else was at grandparents’ house for the evening. It was about ten o’clock and I was looking at 2) _____ on the Internet. 3) _____ was quiet when suddenly, I heard a noise downstairs and the I heard 4) _____ talking.

But you said that there was 5) _____ at home!

That’s right. I thought it was 6) _____ stealing things. I was scared.

What happened next?

I didn’t hear 7) _____ for a few minutes. Then the voice started again.

Oh dear! What did you do?

I went downstairs. I didn’t turn the light on, so I couldn’t see 8) _____ in the dark. The voice was coming from the kitchen. I slowly opened the kitchen door.

Did you see 9) _____?

Yes, cat was sitting on the floor next to the radio. And the radio was on!

And the voice was 10) _____ talking on the radio!

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2) something

3) Everything

4) somebody

5) nobody

6) somebody

7) anything

8) anything

9) anything / anybody

10) somebody

5. Complete the dialogue with these expressions. Listen and check.

How are things      What’s wrong      Fine

How’s it going      Get lost      I’m off to

asked me out      Guess what      there he is

must be joking

Jane Hi, Fran. 1) __How’s it going?……

Fran2 _________, thanks. Where are you going?

Jane3 _________ the café.

Fran I’ll come with you.

Jane OK. 4) _________! I went to a party with Jack yesterday!

Fran What? Are you going out with him?

Jane Yes, I am. We met at the sports centre and he 5) _____

Fran Oh, did he?

Jane Why? 6) _________?

Fran He asked me out, too!

Jane You 7) _________! Look, 8) _________!

Fran I don’t want to talk to him.

Jane Hi, girls. 9) _________? I ___

Fran and Jane     10 _________!  

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2) Fine

3) I’m off to

4) Guess what

5) asked me out

6) What’s wrong

7) must be joking

8) there he is

9) How are things

10) Get lost

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