English Listening Exercises for A2 – Advertising

1. Match slogans 1-6 with types of product A-F.


a sports clothes

b cosmetics

c credit cards

d cars

e sweets

f fast food

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1) C   2) A   3) D   4) B   5) E   6) F

Listening Strategy

In listening tasks, the instructions and questions usually give you some idea of the kind of topic and the type of language you are going to hear. Reading them carefully before you listen will help you to ‘tune in’.

2. Read the Listening Strategy. You are going to hear adverts for four products. Circle the word (a-c) you are most likely to hear in each advert.

a sports clothes  a motorway  b race  c beach

b cosmetics  a elegant  b risky  c convincing

c a car  a script  b engine c station

d fast food  a anxious  b tired  c hungry

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3. Now listen to the adverts and write the products.

Advert 1 is for ________.

Advert 2 is for ________.

Advert 3 is for ________.

Advert 4 is for ________.

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1) fast food   2) cosmetics   3) sports clothes   4) a car   6) a credit card



Man Are you hungry? I could make some lunch.

Woman Starving. What have we got?

m Er ___ we’ve got some bananas. And a packet of rice. And a tomato. Ooh – and some cheese, but it looks a bit old. How does that sound? Hey! Where are you going?

W Back soon!

Narrator When you’re hungry – and you don’t fancy rice with bananas and cheese – there’s always another option.

W Two portions of chicken with fries, please. And a side order of garlic bread.

Server Certainly, madam. To eat here?

W No, take away.

Narrator The Chicken Shack – for delicious American-style chicken. There’s one near you.


Colours that match your natural beauty. More than a hundred different shades. A style to match your outfit, whatever you’re wearing. Elegant and stylish. Natural products for eyes, lips and face. Just ask for Pour Elle – and you’re looking beautiful.


Narrator What matters in your life?

Man Being fit and healthy.

Woman Feeling good.

Boy Looking cool!

Narrator Whatever matters, make East Coast fashion a part of your life, whether you’re playing football with friends, running a race or just chilling. Life is a game. Play it well. Wear East Coast casuals. In department stores now.


Man Hi, Sarah. Can I give you a lift?

Woman Yes, thanks. Oh ___ is this new?

m Yes. I got it yesterday!


m It’s great to drive. I love it.

Yes, really smooth and comfortable.

m It’s a two litre engine. Six cylinders.

Can I ask you something?

m Yes, sure.

Can I have a go at driving it?

m Sure. Why not?

Narrator The new XK 44 – on the road from £19,995.


Narrator Whether you’re in town for a night out ___

Man Can I buy two tickets for the 8 o’clock show, please?

n ___ or stocking up for a night in ___

Woman And I need two packets of biscuits, please.

n ___ it’s the quick and easy way to pay. And a clever new app tells you exactly how much you’re spending.

Man Great! I can buy dinner after the show!

n Don’t carry cash – carry plastic!

4. Listen again. Which words from exercise 2 did you hear?

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5. You are going to hear four dialogues. Read sentences A-E and match each one to a phrase (1-5) you are likely to hear. Use the underlined words to help you.

a The speakers start by agreeing, but then disagree.

b One speaker is complaining about something he bought.

c One speaker is trying to persuade someone to go out for the evening.

d One speaker is giving directions to the nearest cinema.

e One speaker is narrating an amusing event that happened.

1) Go straight on at the ___

2) I really think you should ___

3) I don’t think you’re right about ___

4) It’s just not good enough ___

5) A few moments later, ___

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1) D   2) C   3) A   4) B   5) E

6. Now listen and match the four dialogues with sentences A-E in exercise 5. There is one extra sentence.

Dialogue 1: sentence ________

Dialogue 2: sentence ________

Dialogue 3: sentence ________

Dialogue 4: sentence ________

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Man There’s a great film on tonight at the Picture House.

Woman Really? What kind of film?

m It’s a comedy.

W I’m really tired. I think I need an evening at home.

m Oh, come on. I don’t want to go by self.

W Well, ask a friend.

m But I want to go with you! We hardly every go out. I really think you should make more effort!

W I’m sorry – but I’m always so tired. I work hard, you know!

m I know, but ___ come on. It’s Friday night!

W Oh, I don’t know. Can I think about it?

m OK.


Man Did I tell you what happened to me when I was out with Molly?

Woman No, you didn’t.

m It was really embarrassing – but it made us laugh afterwards.

Go on, tell me!

m Well, we were at the cinema. The film was starting when Molly stood up and whispered something about going to buy popcorn. So she went.

W And then what happened?

m Well, a few moments later, she came back and sat down. I thought, “That was quick,” but I didn’t say anything. I was really concentrating on the film.

W OK ___

m So I helped self to some of the popcorn. She was holding a big box of it in her hand. And a woman’s voice said, “Hey! That’s mine!”

W Oh no!

m Yes! I turned around ___ and it wasn’t Molly! It was another woman who was sitting in her place.

W How embarrassing!

m I know. Then Molly got back and we had to explain to this woman, but she was already upset about the popcorn ___

W That’s so funny!


Man What’s on next?

Woman There’s a talent show starting in five minutes.

m No thanks! I really don’t like talent shows.

W Me neither. They’re so boring, aren’t they?

m Yes. Terrible. What else is on?

W There’s a new sitcom on a bit later.

m No, sitcoms aren’t thing. They’re never really funny.

W I don’t think you’re right about sitcoms. Some of the American shows are really clever.

m Clever? You’re joking. They’re all the same ___ and the laughter isn’t real, it’s all recorded.

W No, it isn’t. There’s usually a real audience.

m I don’t think so. Not for most of the shows.

W Yes, there is. I saw a programme about it once ___


Man Can I help you?

Woman Yes, I want to return this DVD.

m Have you watched it?

W Yes, I have.

m Well, I’m sorry. You can’t return it.

W But there’s a problem with it. It keeps jumping. And some of the scenes don’t play at all.

m There’s nothing I can do. It’s our policy.

W It’s just not good enough. You sold me a DVD which doesn’t work. I don’t care what your policy is! Where’s the manager?

m She’s in her office. Do you want me to call her?

W Yes, I do!

7. Listen again. Check your answers to exercise 6 by listening for phrases 1-5 in exercise 5.

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Dialogue 1: C   Dialogue 2: E

Dialogue 3: A   Dialogue 4: B

the extra sentence: d


see exercise 6.

8. Write slogan to advertise these products.

a _____

b _____

c _____


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Extra exercises


When you are asked to match statements to recordings that you hear, there is always one extra sentence that you don’t need. This sentence will partly match at least one of the recordings, but it will not be completely correct. Make sure you understand why it is not the right answer.

1. Read the Strategy. Then read the audio script and choose the correct sentence (A or B) to describe it.

‘Welcome to the show, and what a great show we have today! In a moment I’d like to welcome our special guest, singer and songwriter Eliza Swain. She’s going to talk to us about her latest album and also her European tour next month. After that, we go to Mitch Jackson, who will tell us the top five films to watch right now. And they are amazing ___ I know, I’ve seen them all. Later on in the programme, we have Lucy Kyle with some great fashion tips. But first, let’s welcome Eliza to the show.’

a The speaker presents a music show.

b The speaker presents an entertainment show.

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2. You will hear five speakers talk about entertainment. You will hear the recording twice. Match sentences A-E with recordings 1-5. There is one extra sentence.

a We learn about somebody’s life. _____________

b The speaker is making an announcement to competitors. _____________

c The speaker wants to advertise a summer job opportunity. _____________

d The speaker is still studying at school. _____________

e We learn about the history of some popular stories. _____________

f The speaker is describing a festival. _____________

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1) C   2) B   3) A   4) D



Hello and welcome to The Entertainer – the show that gives you all the best festival, film and sports news. I’d like to start by telling you about an exciting new project in Oxford. British film-makers are looking for young people aged 16-18 to work as extras in a crowd scene for a new film. You don’t need acting experience, but you do need to be available in August. More details at the end of the programme.


Can I have your attention please? Could all swimmers taking part in the under-fifteens swimming races please go to reception? We need to know you’re here, so please sign in with your coaches. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for coming. It’s going to be a great day!


Hello, and thank you for asking me to your school. I’m going to start by telling you how I became interested in film. I’ve always loved the cinema, and at first I thought I wanted to be an actor. Then I became more interested in what the actors were wearing. I loved historical films, but also science fiction – all those amazing alien costumes. I was good at art at school, and I knew that costume design was what I wanted to study when I left school.


This week’s topic is superheroes. It all began in the late 1930s, when Superman appeared as the first comic-book character with super powers. Many amazing characters followed, including Wonder Woman, who was the first female superhero. In the 1950s, television arrived, and superheroes became less popular. But then, in the 1960s, Batman appeared in a TV series – and everybody loved superheroes again! Today, superheroes are more popular than ever, with huge blockbusters like Iron Man and The Avengers.

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