English Grammar Exercises for A2 – will and going to

1. Choose will or going to.

1) James is standing on the side of the pool. He willis going to jump in.

2) Look at those dark clouds. It willis going to snow.

3) I think Barcelona willare going to win the Champions League this year.

4) I’m sure Jane willis going to like the present you’ve bought for her.

5) This time next year we willare going to be in France.

6) ‘Why are you turning on the radio?’ ‘I willam going to listen to the news.’

7) ‘What are you doing later?’ ‘I willam going to play basketball.’

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1) is going to   2) is going to   3) will   4) will   5) will

6) am going to   7) am going to

2. Complete the conversations. Use will or going to and the verbs in the box.

be      buy      lend      spend      turn on      turn up


1)  a I’ve decided to get a smartphone.

b Cool. Which one __________ you __________?


2)  a I think we’re lost.

b No problem. I __________ the satnav


3)  a Oh, no. camcorder is broken! I’m going on holiday tomorrow!

b Don’t worry. I __________ you mine.


4)  a Have you decided where to go for your next holiday?

b Yes, we __________ a week in Italy.


5)  a What do you want to do when you grow up?

b I __________ an astronaut.


6)  a I can’t hear the TV.

b OK. I __________ it ________

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1) are, going to buy   2) ‘ll turn on   3) ‘ll lend

4) ‘re going to spend   5) ‘m going to be   6) ‘ll turn, up

3. Complete the dialogue. Use will or going to and the verbs in brackets.

Jack  1) __’m going to see__ (see) the new Zac Efron film this evening. Would you like to come?

Vicky I’d love to, but I haven’t got any money.

Jack   Don’t worry. I 2) _____ (lend) you some.

Vicky Really? Great! 3) _____ (Jason / come) too?

Jack   No, he 4) _____ (play) basketball at the sports centre.

Vicky OK, I 5) _____ (phone) mum now and tell her.

   How 6) _____ (you / get) home after the film?

Jack   dad 7) _____ (pick) me up. I’m sure he 8) _____ (give) you a lift home too.

Vicky Cool!

Show answers

2) ‘ll lend   3) Is Jason going to come   4) ‘s going to play

5) ‘ll phone   6) are you going to get   7) ‘s going to pick

8) ‘ll give


Write down:

1) two things you definitely intend to do this week.




2) two things you’ll probably do this week.




3) two predictions.




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