English Word Skills Exercises for A2 – Verb + preposition

1. Complete the text with these prepositions: about, at, for, in, of, to, with. You will have to use some prepositions more than once.

If somebody told you they were building a lift to take people into space, you would probably laugh 1) _______ the idea. But in fact, if you listen 2) _______ scientists and engineers talking about the plan, you soon realise they are being completely serious.

The elevator would consist 3) _______ a carbon fibre ribbon 100,000 km long. One end would be in the ocean at the equator, and the other end would be in space.

At the moment, it takes months or years to prepare 4) _______ a trip into space by rocket. Space agencies have begun searching 5) _______ a better option – partly because they worry 6) _______ the cost of space missions. The idea of a space elevator appeals 7) _______ governments because it would be far cheaper than sending rockets into space. It would be slower, but that would give passengers more time to adjust 8) _______ the different conditions as they left the earth.

It may not be easy though: countries might argue 9) _______ the exact location of the elevator. But if the political leaders can cope 10) _______ these problems and manage to take part 11) _______ the project together, it is certainly possible.

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel 12) _______ the idea in 1979. He said in a speech that humans would build a space elevator ten years after they stopped laughing at the idea. Well, they’ve stopped laughing now.

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1) at   2 to   3) of   4) for   5) for   6) about   7) to

8) to   9) about   10) with   11) in   12) about

2. Circle the correct prepositions to complete the sentences.

1) You should apologise forto that comment!

2) Cats get frightened if you shout atto them.

3) I asked aboutfor the manager so I could talk to him in person.

4) We complained forabout our hotel room.

5) I’ve never heard fromof this video game.

6) I dreamed aboutof flying again last night.

7) After a long discussion, they agreed towith our request and gave us our money back.

8) If you’re unhappy with the service, why don’t you write forto the manager?

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1) for   2) at   3) for   4) about  5) of   6) about

7) to   8 to

3. Study the dictionary entries and answer the questions.

1) Which verb is used with two prepositions with no change of meaning? ____________

2) Which verb is used with two prepositions, but the meaning changes? ____________

3) Which entry uses bold and italic type for two words that often go together? ____________

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1) inform   2) charge   3) inform

4. Complete the sentences with the prepositions below.

about (x4)      for (x2)      of (x2)      to      with

1) She doesn’t care ________ getting high marks.

2   I ’ve never heard ________ that writer. Is she good?

3) People often complain ________ their mobile phone companies.

4) Please throw that pen ________ me – I need it.

5   I apologized ________ shouting at him.

6) Jim’s boss asked ________ his holiday.

7   I t’s difficult to work full-time and care ________ a family.

8) Geoff writes ________ politics on his blog.

9) She doesn’t agree ________ opinion of Sally.

10) I want you to know that I’m thinking ________ you.

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1) about   2 of   3) about   4) to   5) for   6) about

7) for   8) about   9) with   10) of