English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Verb + infinitive or -ing form

1. Complete the sentences. Use the -ing form of the verbs in the box. Then match the sentences with the pictures.

eat out      feel      get      go      play      wear

1) Tom can’t stand ____________ a jacket and tie.

2) Beth avoided ____________ her hair wet.

3) Mia can’t help ____________ nervous about the exam.

4) Zack suggested ____________ that evening.

5) Henry doesn’t mind ____________ football in the rain.

6) Jo fancies ____________ on safari next year.


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1) wearing   2) getting   3) feeling   4) eating out   5) playing   6) doing

1) d   2) a   3) c   4) b   5) e   6) f

2. Complete the sentences. Use the infinitive form of the verbs in the box.

answer      be      carry      come      go      hear      pass      tell

1) I hope ________ all exams next year.

2) I offered ________ the suitcase.

3) Try ________ all the questions in the test.

4) Mark pretended not ________ the teacher.

5) Jan refused ________ me where he was going.

6) They decided ________ skiing this winter.

7) Sam didn’t want to come to party on his own, so his sister agreed ________ with him.

8) He promised not ________ late for school.

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1) to pass   2) to carry   3) to answer

4) to hear   5) to tell   6) to go   7) to come   8) to be

3. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1) Joanna decided not ________ volleyball after school as she was feeling tired. (play)

2) Carry on ________ I’ll be back in a minute. (work)

3) I look forward to ________ you again. (meet)

4) I can’t help ________ that he is lying to me. (think)

5) Sally broke MP3 player, but she refused ________ me a new one. (buy)

6) I don’t mind ________ you with your homework. (help)

7) Suzi offered ________ me a lift into town. (give)

8) I can’t stand ________ in the school canteen. (eat)

9) Toby suggested ________ to a CD. (listen)

10) Max is pretending ________ asleep, but he isn’t really. (be)

11) Do you fancy ________ to eat this evening? (go out)

12) He promised ________ me before 10. (phone)

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1) to play   2) working   3) meeting   4) thinking

5) to buy   6) helping   7) to give   8) eating   9) listening

10) to be   11) going out   12) to phone

4. Write five sentences using the phrases in the chart.

can’t imagine

can’t stand

don’t mind


look forward to


do the washing-up

live in a foreign country

get up before 6 a.m.

get a good job

go out in the rain

eat out

do homework

go home this afternoon

tidy room

be twenty years old

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Possible answers:

I can’t imagine getting up before 6 a.m.

I can’t stand going out in the rain.

I don’t mind tidying room.

I hope to live in a foreign country.

I’m looking forward to going home this afternoon.

I refuse to do the washing up.


Look up these verbs in a learner’s dictionary and put them in the correct column.

dare      deny      imagine      manage      wish

verb + infinitive

verb + -ing

Write a sentence in your notebook using each verb.