English Word Skills Exercises for A2 – Verb + infinitive or -ing form

1. Circle the correct verb form in these sentences. Tick the box if both forms are correct.

1) friends agreed payingtopay for ticket.

2) I don’t mind cyclingtocycle in the rain.

3) I’ve started learningtolearn the saxophone.

4) Two men have admitted stealingtosteal the painting.

5) We ended up stayingtostay at the hotel for a week instead of two nights.

6) Do you like goingtogo for walks on the beach?

7) I hate seeingtosee animals in pain.

8) I don’t expect passingtopass all exams.

9) She offered phoningtophone me later.

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1) to pay   2) cycling   3) ✓   4) stealing   5) staying

6) ✓   7) ✓   8) to pass   9) to phone

2. Complete the text with the infinitive or -ing form of the verbs in brackets. Sometimes both are correct.

At the end of a long journey, most people prefer 1) to get (get) home and relax as soon as possible. They don’t fancy 2) _____. (shop), but they don’t want 3) _____. (arrive) home with nothing to eat.

Now, travellers who pass through Gatwick Airport in London can avoid 4) _____. (return) home to an empty fridge by choosing 5) _____. (visit) a virtual shop. There are no real products in the shop, only images on ten large screens. When you decide 6) _____. (buy) something, you use your smartphone to scan it. You keep 7) _____. (scan) items until you’ve found everything you need, then you pay. After that, you can spend a week or two 8) _____. (enjoy) your holiday. The shop promises 9) _____. (deliver) your shopping soon after you get home. According to the retailer, the virtual shop is a perfect combination of traditional and online shopping. People enjoy 10) _____. (look) around shops, but they also love 11) _____. (shop) online because it’s so convenient.

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2) shopping   3) to arrive   4) returning   5) to visit

6) to buy   7) scanning   8) enjoying   9) to deliver

10) looking   11) shopping / to shop

3. Study the dictionary entries and answer the questions.

1) How many meanings are there for each verb? ______________

2) Which verb takes an infinitive? ______________

3) Which verb takes an -ing form? ______________

4) Which entry shows the verb pattern at the start of one meaning? ______________

5) Which entry only shows the verb pattern in an example? ______________

6) Which entry uses bold and italic type for two words that often go together? ______________

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1) two   2) fail   3) fail   4) fail   5) risk   6) risk

4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1) I try to avoid ________. on Saturday because the shops are so crowded. (shop)

2) Do you think he’ll agree ________. his company to a bigger firm? (sell)

3) Jon decided ________. a job with another company. (take)

4) He spends a lot of his time ________. clients. (meet)

5) The bank has refused ________. us any money. (lend)

6) I promise ________. you know about any changes. (let)

7) I fancy ________. out tonight. (eat)

8) I told him we’re not interested, but that salesperson keeps ____________ (call)

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1) shopping   2) to sell   3) to take   4) meeting

5) to lend   6) to let   7) eating   8) calling