English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Superlative adjectives, too and enough

1. Complete the facts with the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets and the correct answer, a, b or c.

1) The ________. (high) mountain in Europe is.

a Elbrus       

b Everest       

   c Kilimanjaro

2) The ________. (far) planet from the Sun is.

a Earth       

b Mercury       

 c  Neptune

3) The ________. (deep) ocean is.

a the Arctic   

b the Atlantic   

  c  the Pacific

4) The ________. (sunny) part of England is.

a the north    

b the south  

  c  the centre

5) The ________. (polluted) city in the world is.

a New York    

b New Orleans   

 c New Delhi

6) The ________. (common) cause of a tsunami is.

a an earthquake   

b a volcanic eruption   

  c  a storm

7) The country with the ________. (long) coast is.

a Russia  

b China   

   c  Canada

8) The ________. (large) island in the world is.

a Great Britain   

b Greenland  

  c  Iceland

9) The ________. (dry) continent in the world is.

a Antarctica  

b Australia  

  c Africa

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1) highest, a   2) furthest, c   3) deepest, c

4) sunniest, b   5) most polluted, c   6) most common, a

7) longest, c   8) largest, b   9) driest, a


1) The highest mountain in Europe is (a), Elbrus.

2) The furthest planet from the sun is (c), Neptune.

3) The deepest ocean is (c), the Pacific.

4) The sunniest part of England is (b), the south.

5) The most polluted city in the world is (c), New Delhi.

6) The most common cause of a tsunami is (a), an earthquake

7) The country with the longest coast is (c), Canada.

8) The largest island in the world is (b), Greenland.

9) The driest continent in the world is (a), Antarctica.

2. Complete the sentences with the correct superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. Then circle in or of.

1) Birmingham is one of the ________. (large) cities inof England.

2) Crocodiles are one of the ________. (dangerous) animals inof the world.

3) The special effects are the ________. (bad) part inof the film Terminator 2.

4) In Australia, the ________. (hot) month inof the year is usually February.

5) The Dorchester is one of the ________. (expensive) hotels inof London.

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1) largest, in   2) most dangerous, in   3) worst, of

4) hottest, of   5) most expensive, in

3. Rewrite the sentences using too or enough and the adjective in brackets. Do not change the meaning.

1) This game isn’t easy enough for me. (difficult)

 This game is too difficult for me.

2) We’re too young to go on holiday alone. (old)


3) This bed is too hard. (soft)


4) This film isn’t interesting enough. (boring)


5) It isn’t warm enough to go to the beach. (cold)


6) His family were too poor to go on holiday. (rich)

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2) We’re not old enough to go on holiday alone.

3) This bed isn’t soft enough.

4) This film is too boring.

5) It’s too cold to go to the beach.

6) His family weren’t rich enough to go on holiday.

4. Complete the dialogue. Use too or enough with the adjective in brackets or the superlative form.

Kate Now we join Brett Simpson for the 1) _________ (late) news about the wildfires. Brett, what’s happening?

Brett Well, the police aren’t allowing us to get 2) _________ (close) to the fires, but I can feel the heat from here.

Kate How are the people in the area reacting? It isn’t one of the 3) _________ (rich) parts of the country, is it?

Brett No, it isn’t. Some people are 4) _________ (lucky) to have relatives in other cities, so they’re leaving. But many are 5) _________ (old) or 6) _________ (ill) to travel. They’re waiting and hoping.

Kate What’s the 7) _________ (good) thing other people can do to help?

Brett Well, I asked the police that question. They said the 8) _________ (helpful) thing is to stay away from the area. Thousands of people are coming here just to have a look. This is one of the 9) _________ (big) and 10) _________ (spectacular) fires for decades. But these people are getting in the way of the emergency services and their work. And their job is 11) _________ (difficult) without that!

Kate What is the 12) _________ (likely) cause of the fire?

Brett It’s 13) _________ (early) to say. Sometimes lightning can start a fire like this, if the trees are 14) _________ (dry). But of course, humans are the 15) _________ (probable) cause.

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1) latest   2) too close   3) richest   4) lucky enough

5) too old   6) too ill   7) best   8) most helpful

9) biggest   10) most spectacular   11) difficult enough

12) most likely   13) too early   14) too dry

15) most probable

5. Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the words in brackets.

1) It was one of ________. forest fires in history. (bad)

2) That was ________. exam of the term! (difficult)

3) Lake Baikal is ________. lake in the world. (deep)

4) This year’s flood was ________. in a decade. (destructive)

5) That documentary about storms was ________. film ever! (good)

6) Because it was still raining, it was ________. mudslide rescue in years. (hard)

7) Organising firefighters is one of ________. tasks I can think of. (complicated)

8) He has some of ________. theories about natural disasters! (silly)

9) The tsunami did very little damage to those residential areas because they are ________. from the sea. (far)

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1) the worst   2) the most difficult   3) the deepest

4) the most destructive   5) the best   6) the hardest

7) the most complicated   8) the silliest   9) the furthest