English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Second conditional

1. Match the sentence halves.

1) If there was a flood in this city,

2) She wouldn’t sing with the band

3) People wouldn’t drop litter on the pavement

4) If the tickets were cheaper,

5) If school football team played Chelsea,

6) We wouldn’t use our car so much

a if there were more rubbish bins in town.

b we’d all have to leave our homes.

c they’d lose.

d if the guitarist wasn’t her husband.

e if we lived in town.

f I’d go to more rock concerts.

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1) b   2) d   3) a   4) f   5) c   6) e

2. Complete the second conditional sentences with the verbs in brackets.

1) It ________ (not be) fair if I ________ (eat) both pizzas.

2) If houses ________ (be) stronger, earthquakes ________ (not kill) so many people.

3) If I ________ (have) more money, I ________ (lend) you some.

4) What ________ (you / do) if I ________ (forget) your birthday?

5) I ________ (go) to nightclubs more often if I ________ (can) dance better.

6) _____ (you / be) angry if I ________ (break) your tennis racket?

7) If we ________ (not live) in the country, it ________ (be) easier to get a taxi.

8) I ________ (not be) surprised if she ________ (go) to Harvard University.

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1) wouldn’t be, ate   2) were, wouldn’t kill   3) had, ‘d lend

4) would you do, forgot   5) ‘d go, could   6) Would you be, broke

7) didn’t live, would be   8) wouldn’t be, went


Choose three of the adjectives below. Write three more second conditional sentences like the example.

amazed     angry     confused     embarrassed

excited     frightened     sad

     I’d be amazed if I saw an alien.

1) I’d be ________ if _____________

2) I’d be ________ if _____________

3) I’d be ________ if _____________

3. Complete the questions in the questionnaire. Then choose your answers.

What would you do ___

1) if you __saw__ (see) a ghost?

run away  scream  take a photo

2) if you ________ (meet) a film star?

run away  scream  take a photo

3) if you ________ (have) a headache at school?

go home  take medicine  tell the teacher

4) if you ________ (lose) your mobile phone?

buy a new one  borrow one  do without one

5) if you ________ (fall) off your chair in class?

laugh  feel embarrassed  say sorry

6) if you ________ (win) £5 million?

spend it  save it  give it away

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2) met   3 had   4) lost   5) fell   6) won

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4. Now write your answers to the questionnaire in exercise 3 as second conditional sentences.

1) If I saw a ghost, I’d ___

2) _____

3) _____

4) _____

5) _____

6) _____

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5. Underline the mistakes in the second conditional sentences and write the correct words below.

1) What would you do if you would fail your exams?


2) If I were your neighbour, we can walk to school together.


3) Did you visit the museum if you didn’t have to pay?


4) If I were you, I won’t be late for the meeting.


5) Would she come to the party if we would send her an invitation?


6) How would you get to school if there be no school bus?


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2) can -> could

3) Did -> Would

4) won’t -> wouldn’t

5) would send -> sent

6) be -> were