English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Reported speech

1. Complete the reported speech. Use the past simple, could / couldn’t, past continuous or past perfect.

1) ‘I’m going out,’ she said.

  She said that __she was going out. ______

2) ‘I don’t speak French,’ he said.

  He said that ________

3) ‘I saw a good film in London,’ he said.

   He said that ________

4) ‘We can’t come to the party,’ they said.

   They said that ________

5) ‘It’s very cold outside,’ she said.

   She said that ________

6) ‘I didn’t do homework,’ he said.

  He said that ________

7) ‘We live in a small village,’ they said.

  They said that ________

8) ‘He can type really fast,’ she said.

  She said that ________

9) ‘It’s snowing,’ he said.

  He said that ________

10) ‘Somebody stole wallet,’ he said.

        He said that ________

Show answers

1) he didn’t speak French.

2) he had seen a good film in London.

3) they couldn’t come to the party.

4) they couldn’t come to the party.

5) it was very cold outside.

6) he hadn’t done his homework.

7) they lived in a small village.

8) he could type really fast.

9) it was snowing.

10) somebody had stolen his wallet.

2. Change the reported speech to direct speech.

1) He said that he hadn’t slept well.

     I didn’t sleep well.

2) They said that they hadn’t read the newspaper.


3) She said that drug dealers were criminals.


4) He said that he wasn’t wearing a coat.


5) She said that she couldn’t swim.


6) He said he had bought a DVD.


7) She said that she had wanted to go to bed.


8) He said he couldn’t hear me.


Show answers

2) We didn’t read the newspaper.

3) Drug dealers are criminals.

4) I’m not wearing a coat.

5) I can’t swim.

6) I’ve bought a DVD.

7) I wanted to go to bed.

8) I can’t hear you.

3. Read the dialogue and report it as direct speech.

Fred   I read a really good detective story recently.

Liz      I can’t stand detective stories. I’m reading a horror story.

Fred   I like horror stories too. I read part of Frankenstein in the summer holidays. parents gave it to me for birthday.

Liz    I didn’t enjoy Frankenstein.

Fred I think it’s brilliant.

Liz    The ending isn’t very good.

Fred I don’t want to know the ending.

Liz    I’m not going to tell you!

Fred said that 1) __he had read a good detective story recently_________

Liz said that 2) _____ .

She said that 3) _____ .

Fred said that 4) _____ .

He said that 5) _____ .

He said that 6) _____ .

Liz said that 7) _____ .

Fred said that 8) _____ .

Liz said that 9) _____ .

Fred said that 10) _____ .

Liz said that 11) _____ .

Show answers

2) she couldn’t stand detective stories.

3) she was reading a horror story.

4) he liked horror stories too.

5) he had read part of Frankenstein in the summer holidays.

6) his parents had given it to him for his birthday.

7) she hadn’t enjoyed Frankenstein.

8) he thought it was brilliant.

9) the ending wasn’t very good.

10) she wasn’t going to tell him.

Listen and report what the people say. Use the correct tense and pronouns.

1) He said he was tired.

2) _____________

3) _____________

4) _____________

5) _____________

6) _____________

7) _____________

8) _____________

Show answers

2) She said that David was reading.

3) He said that he couldn’t sleep.

4) He said that he hadn’t seen the burglar.

5) She said that she liked rap music.

6) He said that they were going out this evening.

7) She said that she could swim really well.

8) She said that she had given her a CD for Christmas.


1) I’m tired.

2) David is reading

3) I can’t sleep.

4) I didn’t see the burglar.

5) I like rap music.

6) We’re going out this evening.

7) I can swim really well.

8) She gave me a CD for Christmas.