English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Reported speech (2)

1. Read the direct speech and complete the reported speech.

1) ‘I haven’t told the police about the vandalism,’ said Adrian.

 Adrian said that ______________ the vandalism.

2) ‘I can’t find passport,’ said Julia.

 Julia said that she ______________ passport.

3) ‘I’ll be at the park at 7 o’clock,’ said Daniel.

 Daniel said that ______________ 7 o’clock.

4) ‘Somebody has stolen new bike,’ said Joanna.

 Joanna said that ______________ new bike.

5) ‘ dad will lend me some money for the train,’ said Tina.

  Tina said that ______________ the train.

6) ‘I can speak French, but I can’t speak Spanish,’ said Sara.

 Sara said that ______________ Spanish.

7) ‘I’ve invited all of friends to a barbecue at house,’ said Michael.

 Michael said that ______________ house.

8) ‘I won’t tell anybody about the surprise party,’ said Anna.

      Anna said that ______________ surprise party.

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1) Adrian said that he hadn’t told the police about the vandalism.

2) Julia said that she couldn’t find her passport.

3) Julia said that she would be at the park at 7 o’clock.

4) Joanna said that somebody had stolen her new bike.

5) Olga said that her dad would lend her some money for the train.

6) Sara said that she could speak French, but she couldn’t speak Spanish.

7) Michael said that he had invited all of his friends to a barbecue at his house.

8) Anna said that she wouldn’t tell anybody about the surprise party.

2. Complete the sentences with said or told.

1) Chloe ______________ she would enjoy visiting the castle.

2) Jack ______________ you his sister couldn’t swim.

3) Evie ______________ the teacher that she had finished the exercise.

4) Emma ______________ James would be home soon.

5) Max ______________ everyone that he had met a famous actor.

6) Amelia ______________ her dad she’d get home be 10 o’clock.

7) Steve ______________ his cousins couldn’t speak English.

8) Jess ______________ Lily had always been her best friend.

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1) said   2) told 3) told   4) said   5) told   6) told

7) said   8) said

3. Change the reported speech in exercise 2 into direct speech.

1) Chloe: ‘I’ll enjoy visiting the castle.

2) Jack: ‘________’

3) Evie: ‘________’

4) Emma: ‘________’

5) Max: ‘________’

6) Amelia: ‘________’

7) Steve: ‘________’

8) Jess: ‘________’

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2) ‘ sister can’t swim.’

3) ‘I’ve finished the exercise.’

4) ‘James will be home soon.’

5) ‘I met a famous film actor!’

6) ‘I’ll be home by 10 o’clock, dad.’

7) ‘ cousins can’t speak English.’

8) ‘Lily has always been best friend.’

4. Read the dialogue. Then rewrite is as reported speech. Remember to change pronouns and time references if necessary.

Joe     I’ve seen two crimes this week. On Monday, I saw a robbery in the shopping centre.

Freya  I heard about that on the news!

Joe     I was there. I took lots of photos of the robbers on phone.

Freya  You’ll probably get a reward!

Joe     I won’t get a reward because I can’t show the photos to the police.

Freya  I don’t understand ___

Joe     Yesterday, I was the victim of another crime. A thief stole phone on the bus!

Joe said he had seen two crimes that week. He said that on Monday, he ________________






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__ had seen a robbery in the shopping centre.

Freya said she’d heard about it on the news.

Joe said (that) he had been there. he said he had taken lots of photos of the robbers on his phone.

Freya said (that) he’d probably get a reward.

Joe said (that) he wouldn’t get a reward. he said (that) he couldn’t show the photos to the police.

Freya said (that) she didn’t understand.

Joe said (that), the day before, he’d been the victim of another crime. he said (that) a thief had stolen his phone on the bus.

5. Complete the sentences with reported speech, using your own ideas.

1) Our teacher told us we’d ____________________

2) best friend said that ____________________ soon.

3) I once told friend that ____________________

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your own answers

6. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.

1) ‘Tell me everything you know about the suspect,’ Inspector Morris said to her.

   Inspector Morris ordered her _________.

2) ‘There is something in this flat we are not seeing,’ the detective said to his partner.

    The detective _________.

3) ‘Is this your phone?’ the man asked her.

    The man _________.

4) ‘The train has been late every morning this week,’ the girl told us.

    The girl told _________.

5) ‘How many times did he come into the shop?’ the detective asked.

    The detective wondered _________.

6) ‘I first realised that car was missing last night,’ the man told the officer.

    The man _________.

7) ‘I won’t tell you where son was yesterday,’ the woman said to the detective.

       The woman refused _________.

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1) to tell him/her everything she knew about the suspect.

2) said there was something in that flat they were not seeing.

3) asked her if that was her phone.

4) us that the train had been late every morning that week.

5) how many times he had come into the shop.

6) told the officer that he had first realised that his car was missing the night before.

7) to say where her son had been the day before.