English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Quantity

1. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1) I’ve got someany homework to finish this evening.

2) There are someany fruit trees in our garden.

3) Have you got someany pets?

4  SomeAny people play video games every day.

5) We haven’t got someany bread. Can you buy some?

6) Is there someany ice on the road?

7) There weren’t someany special effects in the film.

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1) some   2) some   3) any   4) some   5) any   6) any   7) any

2. Complete the text messages with some or any.


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1) some   2) any   3) some   4) some   5) any

6) some   7) some   8) any   9) any

3. Complete the sentences with a few or a little.

1) I saw Harry ________. hours ago.

2) I only want ________. water. I’m not very thirsty.

3) I bought ________. CDs on Saturday.

4) There are ________. good cafés in our town.

5) Please spend ________. time tidying your room.

6) I only speak ________. French.

7) I went to London with ________. friends.

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1) a few   2) a little   3) a few   4) a few   5) a little   6) a little   7) a few

4. Complete the questions with How much or How many.

1) _____. films do you see at the cinema each month?

2) _____. time do you spend watching TV each day?

3) _____. text messages do you send each day?

4) _____. money do you spend on DVDs and video games each month?

5) _____. televisions are there in your home?

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1) how many   2) how much   3) how many

4) how much   5) how many

5. Answer the questions in exercise 4.

1) _____.________.

2) _____.________.

3) _____.________.

4) _____.________.

5) _____.________.

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your own answers

6. Complete the video game review with the words and phrases below. Use each word or phrase only once.

a few      a little      any      how many      how much      many      much      some


I really enjoyed this game. The aim is to build a city, but there are a lot of problems to solve along the way 1) _____. houses, hotels, roads and factories can you build? 2) _____. money and energy do you need to build them? Players use money called ‘megabucks’. You start with just 3) _____. megabucks, so you mush spend them carefully. It’s difficult to build a city on your own, so 4) _____. players work together. For example, if you have only got 5) _____. energy, you can borrow or buy 6) _____. electricity from a neighbour. But selfish and greedy players don’t make 7) _____. friends. If they haven’t got 8) _____. money or energy, no one helps them and they can’t finish their city. So it’s best to be friendly to the other players!

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1) how many   2) how much   3) a few   4) many

5) a little   6) some   7) any   8) much

7. Complete the dialogues with how much, how many, much, many, not much, not many, a few, a little or a lot of.

1   A  1 _____. people are invited to the party?

b Kate said she didn’t want 2) _____. people there, so I only invited 3) _____. of her close friends.

2   A 4 _____. did this cost? It looks expensive!

b It didn’t cost 5) _____. at all. The shop had so 6) _____, they were trying to sell them quickly.

3   A7 _____. cheese do we have?

b I’m afraid we only have 8) _____. There ‘s 9) _____. pasta either, so maybe it’s time to go shopping.

4)  a We’ve got 10) _____. time before the film starts. Let’s buy some sweets. What types do you like?

     B11 _____, really. Only chocolates. Just buy 12) _____. sweets for yourself. I haven’t got 13) _____. money anyway.

5   A  14 _____. money do you have on you?

b Just 15) _____. coins. Why?

a I need to buy milk. It probably won’t cost 16) _____.

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1) How many, many, a few

2) How much, much, many

3) How much, a little not much

4) a lot of, not many, a few, much

5) How much, a few, much