English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Present perfect and past simple

1. Choose the correct tense.

1 I haven’t beenI didn’t go to China. What’s it like?

2) It has snowedsnowed twice already this year.

3 I’ve seenI saw first Disney film when I was four years old.

4) We feel at home in this village because we’ve livedwe lived here for six years now.

5) I’m a big tennis fan, but I’ve never beenI never went to Wimbledon.

6) school football team hasn’t wondidn’t win a match since the start of the year.

7) It hasn’t snoweddidn’t snow yesterday, although it was very cold.

8 I’ve sentI sent an email to Jack last week, but he hasn’t replied.

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2) has snowed   3) I saw   4) we’ve lived   5) I’ve never been

6) hasn’t won   7) didn’t snow   8) I sent

2. Complete the dialogue. Use the past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Monica 1) __was__ (be) in New York last week.

Adam     Really? 2) _____ you ________ (have) a good time?

Monica  Yes, I 3) _____ (love) it! 4) _____ you ever ________ (go) there?

Adam     No, I haven’t. I 5) _____ (visit) some friends in San Francisco a few years ago, but I 6) _____ (not go) to the USA since then. What 7) _____ you ________ (do) in New York?

Monica8) _____ (see) a show on Broadway, and I 9) _____ (buy) lots of souvenirs.

Adam    Where 10) _____ you ________ (stay)?

Monica At a hotel in Manhattan. I 11) _____ (forget) its name.

Adam    12 _____ it ________ (cost) a lot to stay there?

Monica No, it was free. I 13) _____ (win) the holiday in a competition.

Adam    You’re lucky! I 14) _____ never ________ (win) anything!

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2) Did, have 3) loved   4 Have, been   5) visited

6) haven’t been   7) did, do   8) saw   9) bought   10) did, stay

11) ‘ve forgotten   12) Did, cost   13) won   14) ‘ve, won

3. Match questions 1-6 with replies a-f. Complete 1-6 with the present perfect and a-f with the past simple form of the verbs.

1) __Have__ you ever __eaten__ kangaroo? (eat)   c

2) ____ __ you ever ________ to a football match? (go)   ____

3) ____ __ you ever ________ your phone? (lose)   ____

4) ____ __ you ever ________ clothes online? (buy)   ____

5) ____ __ you ever ________ a horror film? (see)   ____

6) ____ __ you ever ________ aerobics? (do)   ____

a Yes, I have. I ________ it on a bus once. (leave)

b Yes, I have. I ________ Halloween last year. (see)

c Yes, I have. I __had__ it in Australia. (have)

d No, I haven’t. But I ________ jogging last weekend. (go)

e Yes, I have. I ________ a beautiful coat on eBay. (find)

f No, I haven’t. But I ________ a rugby match at Twickenham once. (watch)

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2) Have, been   3) Have, lost   4) Have, bought   5) Have, seen

6) Have, done

a left   b saw   d went  e found   f watched

2) f   3) a   4) e   5) b   6) d

4. Write two more questions and answers like the ones in exercise 3.

1) _____?

  Yes, I have. ________.


2) _____?

  No, I haven’t. But ________


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5. Read the email and underline four more incorrect uses of the present perfect or past simple. Write the correct verb forms below the email.

Hi Carl

How are you? Have you enjoyed the party last weekend? It’s been great, wasn’t it? I haven’t had that much fun for years! Have you spoken to Lucy recently? She’s really excited because she’s going to Japan next month to stay with her best friend from school. Her friend has moved there two years ago when her dad has got a job with a big electronics company. They’ve stayed in touch by email. I never went to Japan, but I’ve read a lot about it. It looks really interesting.

Love, Violet

1) Did you enjoy ________

2) _____.

3) _____.

4) _____.

5) _____.

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2) It’s been great -> It was great

3) Her friend has moved -> Her friend moved

4) Her dad has got -> Her dad got

5) I never went -> I’ve never been

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