English Grammar Exercises for A2 – must, mustn’t and needn’t / don’t have to

1. Choose the correct verbs to complete the dialogue.

Alice  Is this your new video game?

Ryan  Yes, it is. You 1mustneedn’t try it. It’s great!

Alice  How do I play?

Ryan  First, you 2 have tomustn’t escape from the castle.

Alice  How? Down the stairs?

Ryan  Stop! You 3don’thavetomustn’t open that door!

Alice  Oh! Too late! Am I dead?

Ryan  Yes. But you 4don’thavetomust start again. Just press ‘B’ to continue.

Alice  OK, thanks. What now?

Ryan  You 5havetoneedn’t climb out of the window. But slowly! You 6don’t have tomust be careful.

Alice Oh no. I’m dead again. I’m not very good at this.

Ryan Well, we 7havetoneedn’t play this game. I’ve got lots of others ___

Alice No, no. I 8mustn’tneedn’t give up. Do I press ‘B’ again?

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1) must   2) have to   3) mustn’t   4) don’t have to

5) have to   6) must   7) needn’t   8) mustn’t


Alice Is this your new video game?

Ryan Yes, it is. You must try it. It’s great!

a How do I play?

r First, you have to escape from the castle.

a How? Down the stairs?

r Stop! You mustn’t open that door!

a Oh! Too late! Am I dead?

r Yes. But you don’t have to start again. Just press ‘B’ to continue.

a OK, thanks. What now?

r You have to climb out of the window. But slowly! You must be careful.

a Oh no. I’m dead again. I’m not very good at this.

r Well, we needn’t play this game. I’ve got lots of others ___

a No, no. I mustn’t give up. Do I press ‘B’ again?

2. Complete the sentences with mustn’t or don’t / doesn’t have to.

1) He’s a brilliant student – he ________. work hard to get good marks.

2) You can stay up late, but you ________. make a lot of noise and wake up your sister.

3) We ________. forget the name of our hotel.

4) She always pays by credit card so that she ________. carry a lot of money with her.

5) You ________. tell Jack about the party – it’s a secret!

6) The bus leaves at 9 a.m. exactly, so you ________. be late.

7) We ________. wear a uniform to school, but we ________. wear jeans or trainers.

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1) doesn’t have to   2) mustn’t   3) mustn’t

4) doesn’t have to   5) mustn’t   6) mustn’t

7) don’t have to, mustn’t

3. Look at the advert for the quiz night. Then complete the sentences with must / have to, mustn’t or don’t have to / needn’t. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.


1) You ______________ be part of a team.

2) You ______________ arrive after 6 o’clock.

3) You ______________ pay £3 to enter the quiz.

4) You ______________ be a student at the school.

5) You ______________ use a smartphone during the quiz.

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1) don’t have to / needn’t   2) mustn’t   3) must / have to

4) must / have to  5) mustn’t

4. Decide whether must or have to is better in these sentences.

1) The new Bond film is fantastic. You have tomust see it!

2) I’m not very good at this video game. I have tomust practise.

3) This app is quite expensive because you have tomust pay extra for each new level.

4) Jack was upset about missing the film night. We have tomust invite him next time.

5) You can’t buy that game in shops any more – you have tomust download it from the website.

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1) must   2) must   3) have to   4) must   5) have to

5. Write sentences about rules at school. Use have to, must and needn’t and the ideas below. If you can, add your own idea.

arrive at school on time        be quiet in the corridors

eat snacks in class        hand in homework on time

have lunch in the canteen        use a mobile phone in class

wear a school uniform








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your own answers

6. Rewrite the underlined parts of the sentences with must, have to, don’t have to, or mustn’t and a subject.

1) To be an extra in the TV show, it is necessary to be in the studio before 7 a.m.

  To be an extra in the TV show, you have to be in the studio before 7 a.m.

2) You don’t need to come to the meeting, but we’d like it if you did.


3) Do not enter this room under any circumstances.


4) It’s really necessary for me to finish this homework before we go out.


5) It’s a terrible idea to criticise people when you don’t know all the facts.


6) There’s no need for me to get up early tomorrow. We have a day off school


7) Her agent says that it’s necessary for her to audition for the part because it’s a great opportunity.


8) Don’t watch that film! It will upset you too much.


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2) You don’t have to come   3) You mustn’t enter   4) I must finish

5) You mustn’t criticise   6) I don’t have to get up

7) she must / has to audition   8) You mustn’t watch