English Grammar Exercises for A2 – I wish ___

1. Complete the thought bubbles. Use the past simple form of the verbs in the box.

be     can     have     like     speak     understand

1) I wish I __could__ swim.

2) I wish I ________ a skateboard.

3) I wish I ________ this question.

4) I wish I ________ chocolate.

5) I wish I ________ fitter.

6) I wish I ________ Chinese.

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2) had   3) understood   4) liked   5) were   6) spoke

2. Write wishes. Then match them with the reasons below.

1) (have / a smartphone)

  I wish I had a smartphone.   c

2) (can / play the guitar)


3) (live / in Los Angeles)


4) (know / some famous people)


5) (have / a job)


6) (be / fitter)


a I’d go to the beach every weekend.

b I’d have more money to spend.

c   I could surf the Net any time I wanted.

d I’d invite them to parties.

e I’d beat brother at tennis.

f I’d join friend’s band.

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2) I wish I could play the guitar. (f)

3) I wish I lived in Los Angeles. (a)

4) I wish I knew some famous people. (d)

5) I wish I had a job. (b)

6) I wish I were fitter. (e)

3. Choose an option and write a wish. Invent a reason beginning with because then ___ .

1) be older / be younger

     I wish I was younger, because then I wouldn’t have to do homework.

2) speak Chinese / speak Spanish


3) live in England / live in the USA


4) go to a bigger school / go to a smaller school


5) can fly / can become invisible


6) have a Ferrari / have a private aeroplane


7) be a film star / be a politician


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Write thought bubbles for these cartoons. Use I wish ___