English Grammar Exercises for A2 – First conditional

1. Order the words in a-f and then match them with 1-6 to make first conditional sentences.

1) If you don’t finish your homework in time,

2) She probably won’t finish her degree

3) He’ll do an hour’s revision in the morning

4) If she needs money over the summer,

5) If he decides to become an engineer,

6) If I pass all of exams,

a at university / apply / a place / for / he’ll


b teacher / happy / be / our / won’t


c starts / if / well / her business / new / doing


d wakes / up / enough / if / early / he


e parents / give / will / me / / a reward


f a / she’ll / job / get / part-time


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1) b, our teacher won’t be happy.

2) c, if her new business starts doing well.

3) d, if he wakes up early enough.

4) f, she’ll get a part-time job.

5) a, he’ll apply for a place at university.

6) e, parents will give me a reward.

2. Complete the first conditional sentences. Use the present simple or the will form of the verbs in brackets.

1) If we ________. (not get) to the shops soon, they ________. (be) closed.

2) If you ________. (not be) ready by seven o’clock, I ________. (go) without you.

3) It ________. (not take) long to tidy the house if we all ________. (help).

4) They ________. (not give) you your money back if you ________. (not show) them the receipt.

5) If the phone ________. (ring), ________. (you / answer) it?

6) If the bus ________. (be) full again, I ________. (be) really cross.

7) What ________. (you / do) if you ________. (not find) your keys?

8) If people ________. (buy) all their food at the supermarket, the smaller shops ________. (close).

9) You ________. (find) a summer job if you ________. (keep) looking.

10) If the weather ________. (be) fine tomorrow, we ________. (go) for a bike ride.

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1) don’t get, ’ll be   2) aren’t, ’ll go   3) won’t take, help

4) won’t give, don’t show   5) rings, will you answer

6) is, ’ll be   7) will you do, don’t find   8) buy, will close

9) ’ll find, keep   10) is, ’ll go

3. Complete the dialogue using the first conditional.

Sarah Do you fancy going to the café later?

Claire No thanks. If I go to the café, I 1) _____ (fail) exam on Monday.

Sarah Really? What do you mean?

Claire If I go to the café, I 2) _____ (see) Cathy.

                If I see Cathy, she 3) _____ (invite) me to her party. If she 4) _____ (invite) me to her party I’ll stay out late on Saturday. If I stay out late on Saturday, I 5) _____ (sleep) all Sunday morning. If I sleep all Sunday morning, I 6) _____ (not do) any revision. If I 7) _____ (not do) any revision, I 8) _____ (fail) exam on Monday!

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1) ’ll fail   2) ’ll see   3) ’ll invite   4) invites

5) ’ll sleep   6) won’t do   7) don’t do   8) ’ll fail

4. Now write a dialogue like the one in exercise 3. Use the chain of ideas below.

go shopping -> spend all money -> have to stay in on Friday night -> not see Connor -> he / not invite me to barbecue -> not see his sister again

Susie   Would you like to go shopping later?

Dave   I can’t. If I go shopping, I won’t see Connor’s sister again.

Susie   Really? What do you mean?

Dave   If I go shopping, I’ll spend all money.

               If I ________.






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__ spend all money, I’ll have to stay in on Friday night. If I have to stay in, I won’t see Connor. If I don’t see Connor, he won’t invite me to the barbecue. If he doesn’t invite me to the barbecue, I won’t see his sister again!

5. Complete these first conditional sentences with your own ideas.

1) If I feel unwell in the morning, ________

2) If I get hungry in the middle of the night, ________

3) If it rains a lot tomorrow, ________

4) I’ll feel very upset if ________

5) friends will be amazed if ________

6) I’ll be really happy if ________

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your own answers

6. Combine the two ideas to make first conditional sentences.

1) (I / be so happy) (I / get the job)


2) (it / be badly paid) (I / not take the job)


3) (he / have to move to London) (he / accept the job?)


4) (you / have your own office) (you / get a promotion)


5) (your parents / give you some money) (you / buy a house?)


6) (she find a better job) (she / leave the company)


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1) I will be so happy if I get the job.

2) If it’s badly paid, I won’t take the job.

3) If he has to move to London, will he accept the job?

4) You will have your own office if you get a promotion.

5) If your parents give you some money, will you buy a house?

6) She’ll find a better job if she leaves the company. / If she finds a better job, she’ll leave the company.