English Grammar Exercises for A2 – First conditional

1. Match the sentences halves.


1) If I go to Paris, I’ll bring you back a souvenir.

2) _________________

3) _________________

4) _________________

5) _________________

6) _________________

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Order not important

2) I’ll lend you some money if you need it.

3) If you’re hot, I’ll open the window.

4) You’ll be late if you don’t hurry.

5) I’ll be amazed if I pass science exam.

6) If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll go back to school.

2. Complete the first conditional sentences with the verbs in brackets.

1) If you __________ (eat) too much, you __________ (feel) unwell.

2) Harry __________ (not pass) his exams if he __________ (not study) hard.

3) I __________ (be) disappointed if you __________ (not come) to party.

4) If you __________ (have) time, __________ you __________ (help) me with homework?

5) They __________ (not buy) me a new bike if it __________ (cost) too much.

6) If I __________ (lend) you £10, when __________ you __________ (pay) me back?

7) If you __________ (give) her a shock, she __________ (stop) hiccupping.

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1) eat, ‘ll feel   2) won’t pass, doesn’t study   3) ‘ll be, don’t come

4) have, will, help   5) won’t buy, costs   6) lend, will, pay

7) give, ‘ll stop

3. Complete the British superstitions. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box.

be     break     bring     drop     happen     have

have     open     see     walk

1) If you __________ an umbrella indoors, it __________ bad luck.

2) If you __________ two magpies, you __________ lucky.

3) If you __________ a mirror, you __________ seven years of bad luck.

4) Something bad __________ to you if you __________ under a ladder.

5) You __________ a male visitor if you __________ a knife (and a female visitor if it’s a fork).

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1) open, ‘ll bring   2) see, ‘ll be   3) break, ‘ll have

4) will happen, walk   5) ‘ll have, drop

4. Look at the pictures and complete the first conditional sentences. Use the phrases in the box.

chase     crash     fall off the ladder     overflow


1) If the car doesn’t slow down, ________


2) If he reaches for the jar, ________


3) If the cat comes down from the tree, ________


4) If he doesn’t turn off the taps, ________

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1) it’ll crash   2) he’ll fall off the ladder

3) the dog will chase it   4) the bath will overflow


Complete the first conditional sentences with your own ideas.

1) If it rains all weekend, ________

2) I’ll pass all exams ________

3) If I feel ill tomorrow morning, ________

4) I’ll go to bed early ________

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