English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Contrast: past simple and present perfect

1. Choose the correct verb form (a or b) in the sentences.

1) ____ to the west coast of Ireland? It’s beautiful.

a Did you ever go    

b Have you ever been

2) I ______ a lot of interesting cities in life, but I think New York is favourite.

a ‘ve visited               

b visited

3) I ______ Mexican food a few times, but it’s too spicy for me.

a ‘ve tried                  

b tried

4) You should get your postcard soon. I ______ it a week ago.

a ‘ve posted              

b posted

5) dad ______ about two hundred photos on this holiday so far.

a has taken                

b took

6) ____ any souvenirs when you were in Canada?

a Have you bought  

b Did you buy

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1) b   2) a   3) a   4) b   5) a   6) b

2. Complete the email. Use the present perfect or past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

To: anna@email.com

Dear Anna,

I’m on a coach tour of Europe with parents. So far we 1) _________ (visit) two cities – Paris and Amsterdam. We 2) _________ (start) the tour in Paris. 3) _________ you ______________ (go) there? It’s beautiful. The first day we 4) _________ (go) up the Eiffel Tower. The view was incredible. I 5) _________ (never / see) anything like it.

Now we 6) _________ (arrive) in Florence, in Italy. Yesterday we 7) _________ (explore) the old town on foot. Then we 8) _________ (climb) up the Campanile, which is a really tall tower. There were 414 steps, but it was worth it.

Next, we’re going to Rome. I 9) _________ (read) all about it last night and am really looking forward to it. I hope you’re enjoying the summer. The weather here 10) _________ (be) fantastic.



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1) ’ve visited   2) started   3) have ___ been   4) saw

5) ’ve never seen   6) ’ve arrived   7) explored   8) climbed

9) read   10) has been

3. Complete the sentences with has / have been, has / have gone or went.

1) Lucy isn’t at home. She’s gone to the sports centre.

2) We haven’t had a holiday this year, but last year we ____________ to Brazil.

3) We’ve got plenty of food – I ____________ to the supermarket yesterday.

4) She knows Madrid very well. She ____________ there lots of times since she moved to Spain.

5) I love water sports. I ____________ surfing in lots of different countries.

6) I hope Toby is enjoying the summer. He ____________ to Italy for six weeks.

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2) went   3) went   4) ’s been   5) ’ve been   6) ’s gone

4. Complete the mini-dialogues. Use the correct present perfect or past simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1)  a _________ ever ____________ (you / have) a holiday in Turkey?

b Yes, I ________ I ____________ (spend) two weeks there last year.

a Which cities ____________ (you / visit)?

b Only two. We ____________ (start) in Istanbul and then ____________ (travel) to Izmir.

2)  a _________ ever ____________ (you / try) an extreme sport?

b No, I ________ But I ____________ (learn) to ski last winter.

a Really? ____________ (you / enjoy) it?

b Yes, I ________ In fact, yesterday I ____________ (book) next skiing holiday!

3)  a _________ ever ____________ (you / go) on a coach tour?

b Yes, we ________ We ____________ (go) across the USA by coach last July.

a How long ____________ (it / take)?

b Three weeks. We ____________ (stop) at lots of interesting places on the way.

4)  a _________ ever ____________ (you / eat) insects?

b Yes, I ________ I ____________ (buy) a bag of insects as a snack in Thailand. But I ____________ (not enjoy) them very much.

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1 A: have you ___ had   b : have, spent

   A: did you visit   b : started, travelled

2 A: have you ___ tried   b : haven’t, learned

   A: did you enjoy   b : did, booked

3 A: have you ___ been   b : have, went

   A: did it take   b : stopped

4 A: have you ___ eaten   b : have, bought, didn’t enjoy

5. Complete the email with the correct past simple or present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

Hi Lisa!

We 1) _________ (be) in Siena for three days. I really love it now, although I 2) _________ (not like) it much at first. We 3) _________ (arrive) very late on Wednesday night and we 4) _________ (discover) that our room reservations 5) _________ (not exist) and that the hotel 6) _________ (not have) any other rooms available. I 7) _________ (deal) with the owners of many small hotels through the years, but I 8) _________ (never meet) one as kind and generous as Signora Tenaglia. She 9) _________ (call) all over town until she 10) _________ (find) a really nice room for us, and she also invited us to have a home-cooked meal with her. We 11) _________ (not do) it yet, but we 12) _________ (decide) to do it on Tuesday.

See you soon,


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1) ‘ve been   2) didn’t like   3) arrived   4) discovered

5) didn’t exist   6) didn’t have   7) dealt

8) have never met   9) called   10) found

11) haven’t done   12) ‘ve decided