English Grammar Exercises for A2 – Contrast: present simple and present continuous

1. Complete the dialogues with the correct present simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1   A: _________ (you / go) to the gym every day?

     B: No, I ____________ (not go) every day. I ____________ (go) three times a week.

2   A: _________ (Sam / study) at your school?

     B: No, he ____________ (not study) there. He ____________ (study) at a private school.

3   A: Does your mother ____________ (teach) English?

     B: Yes, she does. She also ____________ (teach) French and Spanish. She ____________ (be) very good at languages.

4   A: _________ (your parents / work) in London?

     B: No, they don’t. They both ____________ (work) in Oxford.

5   A: _________ (you / practise) much before you perform a new play?

     B: Yes, we ____________ (practise) for weeks before the first performance, and the director ____________ (make) a lot of changes.

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1) do you go; don’t go; go

2) does sam study; doesn’t; studies

3) teach; teaches; ‘s

4) do your parents work; work

5) do you practise; practise; makes

2. Complete the voice message with the correct present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

Hi Steve! It’s Sean. How are things? I hope you are well. 1) _________ (you / have) a good time in Hull? I 2) _________ (call) from grandparents’ house in Cornwall. sister and I 3) _________ (stay) here for a couple of weeks, and we 4) _________ (enjoy) it a lot. I 5) _________ (plan) to study for exams later, but now I 6) _________ (relax). I’m not totally lazy, though – I 7) _________ (run) every morning. Jake and I 8) _________ (think) about spending a month in Spain. Would you like to go with us? Let me know! Well, the sun 9) _________ (shine) so I think I’ll go for a walk. Bye!

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1) are you having   2) ’m calling   3) are staying

4) are enjoying   5) am planning   6) am relaxing

7) am running   8) are thinking   9) is shining

3. Match sentences a-f with the uses of the present tense (1-6).

1) something that happens regularly

2) verbs not used in continuous tenses

3) something happening at this moment

4) stating a fact or law

5) something happening around this time

6) a future plan

a I am leaving for London at 6 a.m. tomorrow.

b The Earth goes around the sun.

c I always play basketball on Saturdays.

d They are spending a lot of time together these days.

e I need some help with homework.

f Look outside – it’s snowing!

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1) c   2) e   3) f   4) b   5) d   6) a

4. Complete the sentences with the correct present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1) Josh ____________ at least one point in every game he plays. (score)

2) I ____________ that they will give Kate a place on the team. (believe)

3) Susan ____________ to finish her homework today. (try)

4) dad ____________ Chinese food tonight. (cook)

5) brother loves books. He ____________ a book every week. (read)

6) I ____________ all of old Friends DVDs this week. (watch)

7) Sam ____________ before 7 a.m., even on Sundays. (get up)

8) Look out of the window. A big storm ____________! (come)

9) Lisa usually ____________ video games when she gets home. (play)

10) I ____________ what you’re saying, but I don’t agree with it. (understand)

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1) scores   2) believe   3) is trying   4) is cooking

5) reads   6) ’m watching   7) gets up   8) is coming

9) plays   10) understand

5. Complete the email with the correct present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

To: lauren@email.com

Hi Lauren

How 1) _________ (be) everything? I hope you 2) _________ (have) a great time at football camp this week. I 3) _________ (enjoy) summer drama project. Every summer we 4) _________ (put on) a play by Shakespeare, and this year we 5) _________ (work) on A midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s a great play because it 6) _________ (have) so many different roles. We 7) _________ (practise) about six hours a day and we’re performing the play in public next week. I 8) _________ (try) very hard to learn lines. I 9) _________ (play) two parts in the play, and sometimes I 10) _________ (forget) which part I’m playing! Anyway, I 11) _________ (believe) it will be a great performance. grandparents 12) _________ (travel) from Leeds next week just to see me in the play. I know you 13) _________ (be) very busy at camp, but I 14) _________ (hope) to hear from you soon.

Take care!


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1) is   2) ’re having   3) ’m enjoying   4) put on

5) ’re working   6) has   7) ’re practising   8) ’m trying

9) ’m playing   10) forget   11) believe   12) are travelling

13) ’re 14) hope