English Writing Exercises for A2 – An opinion essay


1. Read the task and the essay. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1) Sarah wants a sound system because she hasn’t got anything for listening to music.

2) Her brother loves football.

3) She’d give money to an organisation that helps homeless people.

4) She’d spend most of the money.

If you won €1 million in the lottery, what would you do with it? Write an essay and include your ideas. Give reasons for your choices.

If I won €1 million, there are a lot of things I would like to do with the money. It would be nice to buy self something, but it would also be good to help others.

First of all, I would buy self a docking station with fantastic speakers. Although I have got an MP3 player and some speakers, they are not very good.

Secondly, I would buy a new car for mum. Her car is really old. I would buy brother a Liverpool kit and a scarf. He is a really big Liverpool fan!

Thirdly, there are a lot of homeless people in city. I would donate money to the local hostel. If I gave them €5,000, they could buy a lot of meals for homeless people.

Finally, I would save at least half of the money. In opinion, it would be silly to spend it all now. What is more, if I invested the money, it would grow, and I would have more to spend in the future.

To sum up, I would buy something nice for self and other members of family, support local charities, and also save some money for the future.

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1) F   2) T   3) T   4) F

Writing Strategy

In your writing, avoid starting too many sentences with the same words. Remember that you can:

–  use a variety of phrases for introducing opinions (It seems to me ___ , In opinion ___ , etc.) and for making additional points (Moreover ___ , Furthermore ___ , etc.)

–  start conditional sentences with the if clause or the main clause.

–  use concession clauses (although ___ /even though ___ ) at the beginning or end of a sentence.

2. Read the Writing Strategy. Then underline the following in the essay:

1) one concession clause (starting with Even though, although, etc.)

2) three second conditional sentences (with an if clause and a main clause).

3) one phrase for introducing an opinion.

4) four phrases for listing four points.

5) one phrase for introducing an additional point.

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1) although I’ve got an MP3 player ___

2) If I gave them €5,000, they could buy ___ ;

__ if I invested the money, it would grow, ___

3) In opinion, ___

4) First of all; secondly; thirdly; Finally

5) What’s more, ___

3. Read the task in exercise 1 again. Make notes for your answer.

Introduction: _________

First idea: ____________

Reasons: ________

Second idea: ____________

Reasons: ____________

Third idea: ______________

Reasons: ________.

Fourth idea: ________.

Reasons: ________

Conclusion: ________.

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Writing Guide

4. Use your notes from exercise 3 to write an essay. Include an introduction and a conclusion.

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Extra exercises


When writing an essay you need to make sure you structure your work carefully and divide it into paragraphs. Guide the reader through your points by starting your paragraphs with words such as, First of all, Secondly, and Finally.

1. Read the Strategy. Then read the exam task in exercise 2 and the model answer below. Complete the table using the information in the model answer.

Most important improvement:



Second improvement:



Third improvement:



town is very historic and we get a lot of visitors. There are several things I would improve to attract even more tourists. Here are three of the most important.

First of all, I would improve the parking. In opinion, this is the most important thing because the town is always full of cars. If there was a car park on the edge of town, tourists could leave their cars there and get a bus into the centre. It would be easier for them and they could enjoy less crowded streets.

Secondly, I would cut the entrance price to museums and art galleries. The tickets can be very expensive, especially for families. If prices were cheaper, more tourists would visit these attractions.

Finally, I would arrange some interesting things for children to do in the park. If there were more activities for children, more families would come to the town.

To conclude, I would improve parking, reduce prices and provide things for children to do. All these things would attract more tourists to our town.

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2. Write your essay.

Your town or a town near you is a tourist destination. What improvements would you make to attract even more tourists? Write an essay and include three ideas. Give reasons for your choices and say what effect the improvements would have on tourist numbers.

Include these points:

–  say what the most important improvement would be

–  choose two more improvements to make

–  explain how these things would affect tourists.

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