English Writing Exercises for A2 – An article


1. Complete the zero conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1) If you ____________ (burn) coal, it ____________ (give) off greenhouse gases.

2) A rainbow often ____________ (appear) if the sun ____________ (come) out when it’s raining.

3) If an earthquake ____________ (happen) under the ocean, it sometimes ____________ (cause) a tsunami.

4) If a hurricane ____________ (form) over the Indian Ocean, they ____________ (call) it a typhoon.

5) If you ____________ (eat) ice, it ____________ (make) your body cold.

6) Floods ____________ (happen) if it ____________ (rain) a lot more than usual for a long time.

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1) burn, gives   2) appears, comes   3) happens, causes

4) forms, call   5) eat, makes   6) happen, rains

Writing Strategy

When you are expressing your opinions and the opinions of others, give your text a clear structure. For example:

–  In one paragraph, give your opinion with two or three arguments that support it.

–  In another paragraphs, give the opposing view with one or two arguments supporting it. You can then say why you disagree with the opposing view (a counter-argument)

2. Read the Writing Strategy. Then read the task below and the model text. Decide where the second paragraph should begin: A, B or C.

The second paragraph should begin at ……..

‘Young people are doing more to prevent global warming than older people.’ Do you agree?

I do not believe that this is true. Adults make the most important decisions about global warming, not young people. For example, governments have to decide between fossil fuels and renewable energy. [A] Furthermore, adults decide how ‘green’ their lifestyle at home should be: Do they buy a big or small car? Do they live in a big or small house? And so on. [B] Having said that, young people are often better at remembering to recycle plastic bottles and other containers. What is more, children walk and cycle more often than adults and this causes less pollution. [C] However, they probably walk and cycle more because they are too young to drive, not because they care about the environment! So all in all, I do not think young people are doing more than older people.

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the second paragraph should begin at b .

3. Add two phrases below to each group (A-D). Then tick the phrases that are in the model text.

As I see it, ___ Having said that, ___ However, ___

In opinion, ___ Moreover, ___ Nevertheless, ___

On the other hand, ___ To be honest, ___ What is more, ___

a Expressing an opinion

 I think / I don’t think that ___



b Presenting an opposing opinion

There are people who believe that ___



c Presenting a counter-argument

In spite of this, ___



d Making an additional point

 Furthermore, ___



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(*Phrases used in the model text)

a In opinion, ___ ; To be honest, ___

b *Having said that, ___ ; On the other hand, ___

c *However, ___ ; Nevertheless, ___

d Moreover, ___ ; *What is more, ___

Also in model text: Furthermore, ___ ; I do not think ___

Writing Guide

4. Read the task and make a plan.

‘Individuals can do more to stop global warming than governments.’ Do you agree?

Paragraph 1 ( opinion)

–  Argument 1: ________

–  Argument 2: ________

Paragraph 2 (opposing view)

–  Argument 1: ________

–  Argument 2: ________

–  Counter-argument: ________

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your own answers

5. Write an article like the one in exercise 2. Use your notes from exercise 4 and include phrases from exercise 3.

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