English Writing Exercises for A2 – An application letter


1. Put elements 1-6 in the correct places (A-F) in the letter.

1) the address the letter is going to

2) the writer’s name

3) the writer’s address

4) the date

5) the writer’s signature

6) the person the letter is going to

[a ] _________

[b ] _________

[c ] _________

[d ] _________

Dear Sir or Madam,

Application for the post of receptionist

I noticed the advertisement for a receptionist on your website and 1) ____ the post.

In the autumn I am going to study French and Spanish at university. 2) ____ a job where languages will be useful.

3) ____ working in a hotel. Last summer 4) ____ a waiter in a hotel restaurant. Furthermore, I believe I possess the personal qualities necessary for the post. I am friendly and reliable. 5) ____ with guests in French and Spanish.

I am enclosing CV and a reference from a teacher. 6) ____ start work on 1 July.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

[e ] _________

[f ] _________

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1) B   2) F   3) C   4) D   5) E   6) A

2. Complete gaps 1-6 in the letter with these phrases.

a I am looking for

b I am also able to communicate

c I have some experience of

d I am writing to apply of

e I will be able to

f I worked as

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1) d   2) a   3) c   4) f   5) b   6) e

3. Complete the summary of the letter.

The writer is applying for the job of 1) _____ He saw the advert 2) _____ He thinks that his 3) _______ will be useful for the job. He has experience of working as a 4) _____ He thinks he is 5) _______ and 6) _____ He is sending his 7) _______ and a reference with the letter and can start work on 8) _______

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1) receptionist   2) on a website   3) languages

4) waiter   5) friendly   6) reliable

7) CV   8) 1 July

Writing Guide

Writing Strategy

When you write a formal letter:

–  Start with: Dear (Mrs Whilte), if you know the name of the person, or Dear Sir or Madam, if you do not.

–  You can include a subject line at the start, similar to the subject line of an email.

–  Write in paragraphs. One-sentence paragraphs are fine for opening or closing an application letter.

–  Do not use colloquial language or short form (I’m, there’s, etc.)

–  Finish with Yours sincerely, if you used the person’s name at the start, or Yours faithfully, if you did not.

4. Read the Writing Strategy above and the job advertisement below. Write a letter applying for the job. Follow the paragraph plan below.

Friendly and hard-working sales assistant required for busy music shop. July and August only. 9.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. six days a week. Apply enclosing your CV.

Paragraph plan

a what the job is and how you found out about it

b why you are interested in the job

c why you are the right person for the job

d what you are sending with the letter and when you can start work

e what you would like to happen next

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your own answers

5. Read the advertisement and write your application. Include the points below.

–  how you found out about the job.

–  your current situation

–  why you would be suitable

–  a request for further information

Do you like sport? Are you interested in working with children? We are looking for teenagers to help run sports and games for children during the summer holidays. Enthusiasm, a sense of fun and the ability to work well in a team are all important.

Please send you application by email to info@marstonleisure.com.

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