English Word Skills Exercises for A2 – Adjective endings

1. Circle the correct adjective.

1) Playing volleyball is fun, but it’s tiredtiring .

2) This new computer game is amazedamazing !

3) I was astonishedastonishing that we won the dance competition.

4) ‘I fell off chair in the middle of a lesson.’ ‘How embarrassedembarrassing !’

5) grandma’s stories are always interestedinteresting .

6) I read a shockedshocking report about smoking.

7) I wasn’t surprisedsurprising that he was late.

8) I was so annoyedannoying about your comment!

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1) tiring   2) amazing   3) astonished   4) embarrassing

5) interesting   6) shocking   7) surprised   8) annoyed

2. Complete the text with the correct -ed or -ing adjective formed from the verbs in brackets.


Saroo was born in Madhya Pradesh in India. His family were very poor, so when Saroo was just five, he and his brother Guddu found work on trains as cleaners. One day the boys went to work at a station 70 km from home. The job was very 1) _____. (tire) for Saroo and he fell asleep at the station. He was so 2) _____. (exhaust) that he slept for hours. When he woke up, Guddu was not there. Saroo was 3) _____. (shock) and 4) _____. (worry). He looked for his brother, but couldn’t find him. It was a very 5) _____. (frighten) situation for a young child.

After two weeks, the police found Saroo, but he could not tell them where his home was – he was too 6) _____. (confuse) and he didn’t know its name. In the end, the police decided he was officially lost and placed him with an adoption agency. An Australian family called Brierley took him to their home in Tasmania and he grew up with them.

As an adult, Saroo Brierley stayed in Australia, but he looked for his home town in India using the photos on Google Earth on his computer. It look months, but Saroo never got 7) _____. (bore) with looking. In the end, he found the town. He was 8) _____. (delight) and travelled there at once. When he saw his mother again for the first time in 25 years, it was a very 9) _____. (move) experience for both of them. Newspapers and TV stations became 10) _____. (interest) in Saroo’s 11) _____. (astonish) story and Saroo himself wrote a book about it in 2012.

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1) tiring   2) exhausted   3) shocked   4) worried

5) frightening   6) confused   7 bored   8) delighted

9) moving   10) interested   11) astonishing

3. Complete the sentences with -ed or -ing adjectives formed from the verbs below.

confuse      disgust      excite      frighten      move

1) ‘This milk has got black bits in it.’ ‘How ____________!’

2) We all cried at the end of the film – it was so ____________!

3) I enjoyed the book, but I was ____________ about the ending. It didn’t make sense.

4) I love watching football, it’s so ____________!

5) I felt ____________ because it was dark in the house and I was alone.

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1) disgusting   2) moving   3) confused   4 exciting   5) frightened


When you learn a new word, make a note of other related words at the same time. This will help you expand your vocabulary more quickly.

New word: disappoint (verb)

Related words: disappointed / disappointing (adjectives), disappointment (noun)

Try to add examples. These will help you to remember the meanings.

–  I always try not to disappoint parents.

–  I was disappointed with exam results.

–  The film was very disappointing.

–  I didn’t like the present, but I tried to hide disappointment.

4. Read the Vocab boost! box. Choose ONE of the verbs below. Write down the related adjectives and noun, using a dictionary to help you. Then write example sentences.

amuse      depress      entertain      relax      satisfy

1) verb: ________

 Example: ________

2) ­-ed adjective: ________

 Example: ________

3) -ing adjective: ________

 Example: ________

4) noun: ________

     Example: ________

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amuse vb, amusing, amused adj., amusement n.

entertain vb, entertaining, entertained adj., entertainment n.

relax vb, relaxing, relaxed adj., relaxation n.

satisfy vb, satisfying, satisfied adj., satisfaction n.

depress vb, depressing, depressed adj., depression n.

Students’ own answers

5. Complete the email with the -ed or -ing form of the verbs in brackets.

Hey Lisa!

How are things with you? We’re having a great time in Greece. The islands are 1) _________ (fascinate) and the weather is hot and sunny every day. To be honest, we were a little 2) _________ (bore) at first because we weren’t sure what to do, and it’s 3) _________ (annoy) not to be able to talk to people in their own language or understand what they’re saying. But then we met a group of people from Sweden who have lots of ideas for 4) _________ (excite) things to do every day. We went snorkelling today. We were 5) _________ (amaze) by the number of fish we saw, but then it was a bit 6) _________ (disgust) when we ate some of the same fish for lunch afterwards!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in September.



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1) fascinating   2) bored   3) annoying   4) exciting

5) amazed   6) disgusting

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