English Writing Exercises for A2 – A description of an event


1. Rewrite the sentences. Replace the underlined verbs with the phrasal verbs below. Use the correct tense.

ask for      find out      get over      look at      own up

put back      talk about

1) She often borrows clothes, but she never confesses to it.


2) I requested a seat by the window.


3) The police officer examined passport carefully.


4) Are you discussing the World Cup?


5) I discovered where brother hides his diary.


6) Please return pen when you borrow it!


7) After his exams, he spent a day in bed just to recover from them.


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1) She often borrows clothes, but she never owns up to it.

2) I asked for a seat by the window.

3) The police officer looked at passport carefully.

4) Are you talking about the World cup?

5) I found out where brother hides his diary.

6) Please put back pen / pen back when you borrow it!

7) After his exams, he spent a day in bed just to get over them.

Writing Strategy

When you write a description of an event, remember to say how you and other people felt at the time, and how you all reacted to the events. This will make your anecdote come to life and engage the reader’s interest.

2. Read the Writing Strategy. Then complete the description using the adjectives below describe the people’s feelings.

guilty      proud      scared      upset



I once bought a big plastic insect at a joke shop and put it inside brother’s lunch box in the morning. It looked disgusting! I told friends about the prank – I was 1) _______ of it! brother didn’t say anything about it after school. In fact, he didn’t mention it for ages. Then one morning I found the same insect in bowl of cereal at breakfast. I wasn’t 2) _______ at all – it was funny. But when I asked him how he felt when he found it in his lunch box, he didn’t smile. In fact he hooked a bit 3) _______ ‘It was horrible,’ he said. ‘I screamed. Then everybody laughed at me.’ When I heard that, I felt really 4) _______ I don’t play tricks on brother now!

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1) bought   2) put   3) ages   4) funny   5) scary   6) a bit

Writing Guide

3. Read the task. Then make brief notes in the table below. Use one of the suggestions in the ideas box or your own idea.

You did something you feel bad about. Write a description of an event with the little ‘Confession!’

–  Give a short description of what you did.

–  Say how you felt at the time.

–  Describe how other people reacted.

–  Explain why you feel bad about it now.


What did you do?


How did you feel at the time? Why?


How did other people feel? How did they react?


How do you feel about it now? Why?



You feel bad because you:

–  borrowed something without asking and broke it.

–  told somebody a secret your friend told you.

–  copied some homework from the internet.

–  told somebody about a surprise party and spoiled the surprise.

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4. Write your description. Use your notes from exercise 3.

Extra exercises


Read the question carefully and make sure you understand what types of text you need to write. Think carefully about how formal or informal your writing needs to be.

1. Read the Strategy. Then read the exam task and a student’s answer. Underline words and phrases that show you that the email was written to a friend.

You have recently been on holiday with your family. Write an email about it to a friend in Britain. Include the following points:

–  where you went

–  how you got there

–  something interesting you did

–  how you felt when you got home

–  an invitation to your friend to stay with you for the next school holiday.

Hi David,

How are things? I’m depressed! I went on holiday to the south of France with family last week and I didn’t want to come home! We had a brilliant time.

We travelled by plane to Marseille and then by coach to a seaside town. We stayed in a lovely hotel. It was right on the beach.

One day we went to a small restaurant and we had an amazing meal. We had loads of seafood – delicious! The restaurant was on a hill with a lovely view of the sea. It was really cool.

When we got home yesterday I started to get anxious about school exams next week. I need to think about another holiday! So, why don’t you come and stay with us in the summer? We can have a great time!

Write soon,


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2. You have recently been to a music event with some friends. Write an email about it to a friend in Britain. Include the points below.

–  type of event and its location

–  the atmosphere at the event

–  what you enjoyed most

–  someone interesting you met

–  a request to send you some new music he / she likes.

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