English Writing Exercises for A1 – An invitation


1. Match 1-7 with a-g to make key phrases for invitations.

1) I’m having a party

2) I’m

3) Would you like

4) Can you please

5) Put it

6) I hope

7) Hope you

a in your diary!

b you can come. Let me know!

c planning (a party).

d can make it.

e to celebrate ( birthday).

f to join us?

g bring (some CDs)?

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1) e   2) c   3) f   4) g   5) a   6) b   7) d

2. Complete the invitations with key phrases from exercise 1.

To: lisa@email.com

Hi Lisa,

1) _________ It’s on Saturday 11 April from 7 o’clock. I’m inviting lots of friends and cousins from London too.

2) _________? It should be fun. I don’t have much good music so 3) _________? Or can you bring your MP3 player? I’ve got some speakers. Don’t forget the date: 11 April – 4) _________!

Love, George

To: marcus@email.com

Hi Marcus,

5) _________ to celebrate the end of the school year. I’m inviting lots of people from our year at school. We’re going to the lake and we’re having a BBQ. Please bring some food – maybe some burgers and sausages for the BBQ – and some lemonade or cola. 6) _________ – you’ve got mobile number.

Love, Alice

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1) I’m having a party / I’m planning a party to celebrate birthday.

2) Would you like to join us?

3) Can you please bring some CDs?

4) Hope you can make it. / Put it in your diary!

5) I’m having a party / I’m planning a party

6) I hope you can come. Let me know!

Writing Strategy

When you have finished writing, check your work carefully for mistakes. Read once for grammar, once for choice of vocabulary and once for spelling.

3. Read the Writing Strategy. Then find and underline one mistake in each sentence below. Write G for a grammar mistake, V for a vocabulary mistake and S for a spelling mistake.

2) The party should be funny! V

3) Can you pleese bring some food? S

4) I inviting all friends. G

5) I’m having a berthday party. S

6) Don’t remember to let me know if you can come. V

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1) They are twelve and fourteen.

2) It is a large school ___

3) ___ but I am not very good!

4) ambition is to become an actor.

4. Rewrite the sentences in exercise 3 correctly.

1) How ______________

2) ___________

3) ___________

4) ___________

5) ___________

6) ___________

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2) The party should be fun!

3) Can you please bring some food?

4) I’m inviting all friends.

5) I’m having a birthday party.

6) Don’t forget to let me know if you can come.

Writing Guide

5. Plan an invitation for one of the events below. Make notes.

barbecue      birthday party      end-of-exams party

fancy dress party      New Year’s Eve party      street party

1) What is the event? Why are you holding it?




2) When and where is the event?




3) What should the person do or bring?




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6. Write the invitation using your notes from exercise 5.